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Titre: George Adamski (1948...)
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George Adamski, né en Pologne le 17 avril 1891 et mort le 23 avril 1965 d'une crise cardiaque à Silver Springs, États-Unis, est sans doute le cas le plus célèbre de contacté en ufologie.

Titre: Re : George Adamski
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Adamski UFO video
Adamski UFO video (
Titre: Re : George Adamski (1948...)
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Balancing advanced technologies of ETs with universal wisdom of celestials

September 4, 9:44 AM Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Painting of Adamski's Desert Center meeting with Orthon [circa, 1955]

George Adamski was the first prominent contactee to emerge in the public arena due to the famous Desert Landing incident on 20 November 1952. Six witnesses saw Adamski meeting with an extraterrestrial, Orthon, who emerged from a flying saucer or UFO. Project Blue Book eventually confirmed ( a UFO sighting that day in the vicinity of Adamski's encounter. Adamski  later claimed to have been taken into an extraterrestrial mothership in February 1953. In it he described meeting Orthon and a number of other extraterrestrials from planets in our solar system including Venus, Mars and Saturn. Adamski described the extraterrestrials as human looking and possessing advanced technologies. There was, however, often a picture or reminder of an advanced being, a ‘master’ that the extraterrestrials venerated as embodiments of universal wisdom or “cosmic consciousness”. Insofar as these masters of wisdom had abilities there were not dependent on advanced technology, they can be described as celestials. What Adamski and other contactees have reported, reveal the importance placed on balancing advanced technological development with universal wisdom in mature galactic societies.

Adamski described sitting at a table with extraterrestrials on board their ship where he for the first time met one of their ‘Masters of Wisdom’:

Now as we sat around the table, all eyes turned to the older space man as he began to speak. Although it was only later that his stature on all planets was explained to me, it was impossible not to realize that I was in the presence of a greatly evolved being, and the attitude of all present clearly indicated that they, as well as I, felt very humble before him. I learned that his age, in his present body, was close to one thousand years. [Inside the Flying Saucers (, 63]

Adamski clearly felt that the being possessed an extraordinarily high degree of consciousness with great wisdom. Adamski described other contact experiences involving ‘Masters of Wisdom’ who were revered by the extraterrestrials on the ship, and on their homeworlds. His experiences help verify the existence the celestials who in some cases cooperate with extraterrestrials seen to be fulfilling a higher spiritual mission.

Another contactee, Enrique Castillo Rincon (, claims to have had direct physical experiences with extraterrestrials from the Pleiades. Rincon, a well respected engineer in Columbia and Costa Rica, described three times where he was taken aboard their vehicles and flown to various locations, and given much information about the extraterrestrials activities and agenda for humanity. In one incident, he described how he was taken by the extraterrestrials to meet with another group of 24 ‘contactees at a remote location in the Andes. Rincon described how he and the others were given special ‘ambassadorial’ training to prepare humanity for the truth of extraterrestrial life. At the end of his training he describes how the group of contactees and a number of extraterrestrials were taken to meet with a “Master of Wisdom.” Rincon described the appearance of the “Master of Wisdom” who came out of a tunnel built high in the Andes as follows:

The instructor [an extraterrestrial] approached the entrance to a tunnel carved in the living rock and clasped his hands twice. He retired to one side, and the most incredible Being made his appearance. We were astonished beyond description. That being looked exactly like Jesus, the Master. I thought immediately that the Pleiadians had brought us here with the purpose of meeting Jesus Christ, who was here again, fulfilling the prophecies…[UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity (, 184]

The “Master of Wisdom” then dispelled Rincon’s belief that he was Jesus Christ:

I am not who you believe I am. My name is a thousand names, give me any, and That I Am. I am ancient before you, not in age, but in knowledge… My name is Age, for I am the Ages and the Time. I am Wisdom, and my name is Wisdom. I hold thirty five percent of universal wisdom.” [UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity (, 185]

The speech by the Master of Wisdom suggested that he was a celestial who had achieved an extraordinarily high level of cosmic consciousness. This had given him the ability to transcend space and time, and made him a figure of reverence among the extraterrestrials. Rincon said that the “intelligence and love expressed by his face, projecting peace was the most incredible and marvelous that I have ever felt.” Rincon left with a number of unanswered questions from the extraterrestrials about the encounter with the celestial:

What is the role of this unusual personality whom we met at the Vortex? Why are his words so similar to those of Jesus Christ, being somebody else? What is his relationship with the extraterrestrials? [UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity (, 186]

While the extraterrestrials did not answer his questions, Rincon reached his own conclusion:

The experience with the extraterrestrials, the instructors, and the personality with a thousand names left me in a quasi-mystic condition, which I could barely surmount…. There was no doubt, as far as I was concerned: the High Entity of the Andes was the same One that I called, and rightly so, the “Master of Wisdom. [UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity (, 187]

Adamski’s and Rincon’s encounters with Masters of Wisdom, demonstrated the qualitative differences in the nature of experience with celestials as opposed to extraterrestrials. While the latter can lead to very positive inspiring encounters, encounters with celestials are life transforming. This qualitative difference is recognized by extraterrestrials who give a great degree of respect and reverence to celestials whose abilities transcend advanced technologies.

As disclosure of technologically based extraterrestrial life unfolds in the decade ahead, humanity will quickly learn of the existence of another category of advanced beings. These are the celestials whose extraordinary abilities are not dependent on advanced technologies. Their “cosmic consciousness”, independence of advanced technology, and powerful psychic abilities offer humanity another model for how the Earth can transition into a galactic society. Earlier human civilizations have failed to find the right balance between advanced technologies and universal wisdom. As disclosure and open contact emerges, humanity will once again have the opportunity to balance the technological knowledge offered by extraterrestrials with the universal wisdom offered by celestials.

[ Author Note: This is the fourth in a series of articles examining the relationship between extraterrestrials and celestials in humanity's development into a galactic society.  The series comprises revised extracts from an earlier article published in the Exopolitics Journal ( At the upcoming Earth Transformation Conference ( (January 7-10, 2010), I will present evidence of the historical role played by celestials in intervening in human and extraterrestrial affairs].

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Madeline Rodeffer describes Adamski's extraterrestrial contact & UFO film
Leslie UFO 5 (

Titre: Re : George Adamski (1948...)
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Chacun est libre de penser  ce qu'il veut de Georges ...
Mais pourquoi donc a-t-il été enterré à Arlington, là ou reposent les héros étatsuniens ?? s'il était aussi nul que le disent ses détracteurs .
J'ai beau chercher, et j'ai plutot pas mal lu sur le gaillard, je n'ai jamais trouvé de réponse à cette incongruité (?) .

On peut tout discuter de ses assertions, mais pourquoi là  ???
Titre: Re : George Adamski (1948...)
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c'est bête, Jérôme, car tu poses une question dont je connaissais la réponse mais que j'ai oubliée... pour le moment j'espère. Adamski a été enterré à Arlington non par pour ses faits d'arme comme la plupart des hommes qui ont été inhumés dans ce cimetière et ni parce qu'il était prétendument contacté mais pour une autre raison. Si quelqu'un peut nous rafraichir la mémoire?
Titre: Re : George Adamski (1948...)
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ce qui me chagrine avec ce type c'est qu'il n'a jamais réalisé une seule photo de "Vénusien" si ce n'est celle à travers le hublot d'un cigare, photo bien sûr qui ne montre rien car le visage est tout noir. Alors que ses vidéos ne semblent pas si mauvaises que cela, les caractéristiques du cigare photographié par lui ayant depuis été depuis observées par d'autres témoins dans le monde. Mais ne pas faire une seule photo d'un "Vénusien", alors qu'il en avait l'opportunité me fait douter de ses prétendus contacts, comme des contactés de cette époque.
Titre: Re : George Adamski (1948...)
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voici un lien très intéressant qui cite un livre sur Adamsk ou "la biographie d'un escroc", où l'on peut lire vers la 118 ème page qu'à Arlington sont aussi enterrés de simples soldats américains. - George-Adamski
edit : vidéo supprimé par utilisateur
Titre: Re : George Adamski (1948...)
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George Adamski, "À l'intérieur des vaisseaux de l'espace"
Publisher: M. Moutet | 1979 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0014KVGE4 | French | PDF | 131 pages (

À l'intérieur des vaisseaux de l'espace - George Adamski

C’est dans ce livre que George Adamski, astronome amateur américain, racontera comment des extraterrestres l’emmèneront dans leur vaisseau le 13 décembre 1952 et comment il put ainsi voir la face cachée de la Lune. Il décrivit les lucioles de l’espace avant les astronautes et décrit les ceintures de Van Allen avant qu’elles ne soient découvertes et portent ainsi ce nom ; certains ont voulu démontrer qu’il n’avait rien annoncé par avance. Il n’en reste pas moins, qu’on le veuille ou non, que l’affaire Adamski fait partie de l’Histoire de l’ufologie. Premier contacté – qui fera amplement école –, il est à l’origine de mouvements d’imitation et de modes de pensée qui ont une part de responsabilité dans l’émergence du New Age. Ce second de ses livres – le premier écrit entièrement sous son seul nom – est essentiel dans l’histoire qu’il a contée. Il est indispensable à toute documentation de base. Publié en français en 1979.
Titre: Re : George Adamski (1948...)
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Soirée Ovni Paris du 1er octobre 2019 : Retour sur l'affaire Adamski.

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