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Titre: Devier la Terre avec une comete !
Posté par: boulgakov le 11 août 2009 à 00:31:58
Une idee absolument brillante a germé dans la tete de nos scientifiques qui ne doutent abolument de rien. Pour echapper Au rechauffement planetaire, c'est a dire au soleil, nos brillants cerveaux ont concu l'idee de faire devier une comete de sa trajectoire en l'envoyant tres pres de nous. Comme au bowling! 
Ainsi, avec le souffle de la comete, nous irions nous balader  plus loin dans le cosmos la ou il fait plus froid pour echapper au rechauffement d soleil. Au revoir la lune et bonjour les problemes de climat.
Une chose est certaine : Il faudra pas rater son coup.  " Nous en sommes conscients ! " ont ditles scientifiques. Ouf ! Nous voila rassuré
C'est dans le guardian :

Nasa aims to move EarthScientists' answer to global warming: nudge the planet farther from Sun

Special report: global warming
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Robin McKie, science editor The Observer, Sunday 10 June 2001 02.18 BST Article historyScientists have found an unusual way to prevent our planet overheating: move it to a cooler spot.

All you have to do is hurtle a few comets at Earth, and its orbit will be altered. Our world will then be sent spinning into a safer, colder part of the solar system.

This startling idea of improving our interplanetary neighbourhood is the brainchild of a group of Nasa engineers and American astronomers who say their plan could add another six billion years to the useful lifetime of our planet - effectively doubling its working life.

'The technology is not at all far-fetched,' said Dr Greg Laughlin, of the Nasa Ames Research Center in California. 'It involves the same techniques that people now suggest could be used to deflect asteroids or comets heading towards Earth. We don't need raw power to move Earth, we just require delicacy of planning and manoeuvring.'

The plan put forward by Dr Laughlin, and his colleagues Don Korycansky and Fred Adams, involves carefully directing a comet or asteroid so that it sweeps close past our planet and transfers some of its gravitational energy to Earth.

'Earth's orbital speed would increase as a result and we would move to a higher orbit away from the Sun,' Laughlin said.

Engineers would then direct their comet so that it passed close to Jupiter or Saturn, where the reverse process would occur. It would pick up energy from one of these giant planets. Later its orbit would bring it back to Earth, and the process would be repeated.

In the short term, the plan provides an ideal solution to global warming, although the team was actually concerned with a more drastic danger. The sun is destined to heat up in about a billion years and so 'seriously compromise' our biosphere - by frying us.

Hence the group's decision to try to save Earth. 'All you have to do is strap a chemical rocket to an asteroid or comet and fire it at just the right time,' added Laughlin. 'It is basic rocket science.'

The plan has one or two worrying aspects, however. For a start, space engineers would have to be very careful about how they directed their asteroid or comet towards Earth. The slightest miscalculation in orbit could fire it straight at Earth - with devastating consequences.

It is a point acknowledged by the group. 'The collision of a 100-kilometre diameter object with the Earth at cosmic velocity would sterilise the biosphere most effectively, at least to the level of bacteria,' they state in a paper in Astrophysics and Space Science. 'The danger cannot be overemphasised.'

There is also the vexed question of the Moon. As the current issue of Scientific American points out, if Earth was pushed out of its current position it is 'most likely the Moon would be stripped away from Earth,' it states, radically upsetting out planet's climate.

These criticisms are accepted by the scientists. 'Our investigation has shown just how delicately Earth is poised within the solar system,' Laughlin admitted. 'Nevertheless, our work has practical implications. Our calculations show that to get Earth to a safer, distant orbit, it would have to pass through unstable zones and would need careful nurturing and nudging. Any alien astronomers observing our solar system would know that something odd had occurred, and would realise an intelligent lifeform was responsible.

'And the same goes for us. When we look at other solar systems, and detect planets around other suns - which we are now beginning to do - we may see that planet-moving has occurred. It will give us our first evidence of the handiwork of extraterrestrial beings.'
Titre: Re : Devier la Terre avec une comete !
Posté par: WDPK webzine le 11 août 2009 à 01:15:11
Et si le Terre est déviée trop loin, ou que les "problèmes de climats" deviennent insupportables, comment fait-on marche arrière ? ...
Titre: Re : Devier la Terre avec une comete !
Posté par: boulgakov le 11 août 2009 à 02:03:28
Je sais pas. C'est un projet qui ne sera jamais appliqué heureusement. C'etait pour montrer juqu'ou on peut aller...
Titre: Re : Devier la Terre avec une comete !
Posté par: oni le 11 août 2009 à 13:43:52
C des gros  malade  :o nan mais sérieux comment on peut concevoir sérieusement une idée pareille Oo 
Titre: Re : Devier la Terre avec une comete !
Posté par: aetius320 le 11 août 2009 à 13:46:09
Je suis désolé mais, d'après mes souvenirs de mécanique, il est impossible de faire dévier la terre de son orbite  avec une comète. Cette dernière ne représente rien par rapport à la masse de la Terre.
Titre: Re : Devier la Terre avec une comete !
Posté par: Paulo le 11 août 2009 à 13:48:26
Ça ressemble ni plus ni moins qu'à un gros houax !

Le lien SVP !
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Posté par: spud19 le 11 août 2009 à 13:57:07
Ça ressemble ni plus ni moins qu'à un gros houax !

Le lien SVP ! (
Titre: Re : Devier la Terre avec une comete !
Posté par: boulgakov le 11 août 2009 à 15:53:40 (

Voici le lien
C'est peut etre une blague mais a l'insu de mon pot en gré