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Auteur Sujet: L'inde ferait pression sur la NASA pour divulguer l'existence d'ET sur la Lune  (Lu 2940 fois)

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paru dans le India Daily du 26 septembre dernier :

Indian Space Reserach Oragization's probe finds water in Moon, NASA decides to accept the fact that it knew for decades - next step extraterrestrial presence on moon?

NASA now agrees that lots and lots of water id present in the moons surface. That also shows the abundance of water in the universe. Interestingly, NASA all on a sudden starts talking about water in moon after India reveals that it found water from its Moon Impact Probe (MIP).

India's Moon Impact Probe (MIP) was the first instrument to detect water on the moon - way back in November last year when the spacecraft Chandrayaan-1 entered lunar orbit, space agency chief G. Madhavan Nair said here Friday. ''I am happy to share for the first time with all of you that the MIP, while it was descending from Chandrayaan to the moon Nov 14, 2008, picked up strong signals of water particles on the lunar surface,'' the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman told reporters in Bangalore.

Sources from Bangalore now say India plans to force NASA into accepting the Extraterrestrial presence in moon. NASA has all along denied such presence. It even denies the presence of any extraterrestrial objects or entities.

During its 20-minute descent from the Chandrayaan mother spacecraft until its impact near the pole, the 34-kg probe found the water particles varying from the lunar equator.

Indian Space Research Organization is under deep pressure from the Indian Government not to do anything that will antagonize Americans and NASA. But internally ISRO scientists and engineers are determined to expose the UFO phenomenon to the world.

The top management of ISRO is eager to satisfy the political demands of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who is widely considered as a ‘Good Friend” of America.

''So, we have now multiple ways of confirming the presence of water on the moon. This is being acknowledged the world over as a real discovery. It is a path-breaking event as far as ISRO is concerned,'' an elated Nair said. The mass spectrometre in the MIP registered signatures of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. ''In that signature, we could see a strong component corresponding to a mass fraction of 18, which is nothing but water. We had a serious doubt at that time. From the initial data, we could see a clear trend of increasing magnitude in the water molecules as it goes towards the poles. It is in line with what has come from M3,'' Nair pointed out.

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anon sa ra

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trés intéressant la 'divulgation' pourrait belle arriver de l'inde ou de la chine finalement indirectement ou pas . ;)
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Sauf que la source est loin d'être fiable... et déjà signalé sur ce forum.

Il n'y a qu'a voir les articles de la même catégorie que l'on trouve sur le site rien que pour 2009, on est dans le sensationalisme :

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Sauvons la planète, notre Mère la Terre...
Sans elle pas de survie possible.


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merci à dificultnspa de relativiser.

Tout ce qui est écrit par un journal n'est pas la réalité.
Et on est trés loin d'un élement concret de la "divulgation"

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India's Moon Impact Probe (MIP) was the first instrument to detect water on the moon

La mission Clementine de la Nasa Navy (merci WDPK webzine :-) en 1994 avait deja montrer la présence d'eau, au moins aux poles :

Dans un communiquer de presse de 1998 il y avait d'ailleurs une estimation de la quantité d'eau qui pourrait se trouver sur la lune (estimation faite d'après les données recueillies par la sonde Lunar Prospector lancée par la NASA en janvier 1998) : 6 millions de metre cube
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WDPK webzine

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Exact Vod, sauf que Clémentine est une mission de la Navy* (La NASA a seulement fait le tracking de la sonde et un apport financier). C'est très important car cela montre que la NASA est loin d'être la seule agence spatiale aux USA.

*Pour ceux qui en doutent : le site officiel de Clémentine est en :

Lien vers le communiqué officiel du 3 décembre 1996 :

Extraits importants :

-"The Ballistic Missile Defense Organization was in charge of the project (Clementine). The Naval Research Laboratory designed and built the satellite."
-"So for the first time we now know that there are deposits of water at the South Pole of the moon"
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