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Auteur Sujet: Interview avec un Extra-Terrestre  (Lu 4454 fois)

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Interview avec un Extra-Terrestre
« le: 05 février 2012 à 14:04:10 »

Strange as it may seem, one of the people that I interviewed about the subject of earthbound extraterrestrials claimed he was an ET. He was clearly an unusual individual who had caused quite a bit of controversy during his 1995 national television interview on an NBC talk show The Other Side. That's where we first met.

Jerry was originally invited to come on the television show because he wanted to deliver a message that had reportedly been given to him by ETs he met while in Peru. That afternoon, at the NBC studios, in beautiful downtown Burbank, Jerry was introduced to the television audience as, "the man who believes he's from another world." But Jerry was quite serious about his origins, his purpose, and his quest in life. I overheard some people in the audience that sarcastically questioned if he was a real-life superman with superpowers.

I was also interviewed on television that afternoon and was highly skeptical of Jerry's story, because, to me, he looked like just another earthling. He stood six foot eight inches tall, had blonde hair and blue eyes. At the time, he was married with children and owned a successful, electronic equipment repair business. But after the show, I was curious and wanted to know more about him, so we exchanged phone numbers. And as I got to know him better, I could see he had some compelling reasons to believe that he was not originally from earth.

Although I could neither confirm nor deny his information, he honestly believed what he said. I also knew that the truth was often stranger than fiction especially when it came to the subject of extraterrestrials. According to Jerry, his initial contacts with human-looking ETs began when he was 12-years old while living in a remote, wooded region of central Kentucky. The ETs would signal him through a high-pitched, beeping noise and mentally show him the meeting place.

These ETs told Jerry that they were from Tau Ceti. During one of these meetings, Jerry was deeply upset by domestic problems and was considering running away from home. The ETs offered to let Jerry come with them, but he was concerned about worrying his mother who was the only person on earth he felt close to. It was then that the ETs told Jerry that he was adopted.

Not sure if the ETs were lying to him, he confronted his mother with this information. She became very defensive and proceeded to show him a birth certificate and then walked away in tears. It wasn't until one night in November of 1991 that he received more information about his true origin. At that time, a blue ball of light flew into Jerry's bedroom and transformed into a radiant human being or possibly a hologram of a human ET.

In any case, the individual in the light said he was sent to deliver a message; Jerry's mother was going to pass away in one month's time and would soon let him know the real circumstances of his adoption. The enigmatic, glowing being also told Jerry his biological parents did not live on earth and that he had been selected before birth to come to this world. However, he was not the only child brought here. Before the being of light departed, he explained that part of the reason why Jerry needed to learn the truth was because it was time to bring others into the awareness of who they really were and why they were here: To help with the great changes ahead on earth.

As predicted, Jerry's adoptive mother passed away one month later. However, prior to her death, she admitted to Jerry that his birth certificate had been falsified. After those events occurred, Jerry realized that both his adoptive parents had known of his extraterrestrial origins and why he was so fascinated with other worlds in the Universe.

When I asked Jerry to tell me about the human-looking ETs he had met with in Peru, he said, "They are members of a society. Their society is a very large group of individuals, and groups on different worlds, that are cooperating and working together. It's what people here call the Federation. There are other names for it, but the ETs I talked to say that they are members of a very-large society."

When I asked him what the ETs form of government was like, he explained that, "They have an exceptionaly clear way of communicating with each other. All the different members and groups of that society are very powerful telepathically compared to humans on Earth. It's like a United Nations, but much larger, and all these different people communicate very easily. As a result, there aren't any hidden agendas. Therefore, they have a greater understanding for a given issue. They all know what the truth of an agenda is, so it's easier for them to solve problems."

This made me wonder what type of problems the ETs had. Jerry explained that, "A majority of the problems for governments here on earth come from the fact that nearly all people in positions of power are working within their own agendas and are bound by their egos. The political system on earth seems to revolve around people's hidden agendas. The ETs I met aren't limited by hidden agendas and their egos."

Hearing Jerry's statement reminded me that commander Dean had said essentially the same thing about our leaders. When I asked Jerry if he was aware that Robert Dean had publicly stated that he saw classified, military documents, while at NATO, regarding a group of ETs that looked exactly like us, he said, "I know commander Dean. I would say that his information is accurate. I know it is true, because the ETs told me the same thing."

As detailed in Chapter 2 of "Close Encounters on Capitol Hill," commander Dean had reported that by the early 1960s, the military powers on Earth were deeply concerned that human-looking ETs could easily infiltrate our society and government. However, the military analysts eventually concluded that this did not pose an immediate threat. When I asked Jerry why there were human ETs that felt a need to live among earthlings covertly, he replied, "There is a need for them to be involved. Much of what I am telling you is drawn from contacts I had with the ETs from 13 to 18 years of age. At that time, I didn't fully understand the depth of what they were telling me, but apparently there is more than one group of ETs living on Earth, at this time.

"Something happened between the governments of earth, and this other group of little, grey-skinned beings who don't have the Earth's best interest in mind. There are four other extraterrestrial races based on Earth as well as the group called 'the Grays.' They came into the picture because they are extraordinarily powerful telepathically; at least as far as most earth people are concerned.

"This allows them to enter our Earth, often unseen, using a type of hypnosis. These other groups are here with the Grays, and they each have their own agenda, but the Grays are pretty much in control. They are control freaks. Any situation they feel a need to, they will try and control. They came to earth with a couple of different agendas. One is that this planet is very rich in resources. There is a lot of stuff here that they don't have, such as people.

"The Grays are not physically capable of doing things that humans can do. We adapt easily to adverse situations and climates. We are strong enough, and smart enough, to be trained, and we are easily manipulated. As a result of that, we are a valuable resource to them. They also need to have planets they can use as a base of operations, because they are a long way from their home world. Earth is in close proximity to other planets they frequent. Those other worlds are inhabited by people who have been genetically altered. They are the offspring of people from earth and of people like those on Earth.

"These people are acting as the laborers on their home worlds. But they don't see themselves as laborers like we would here because they don't have anything to compare it to. In their minds, they are simply serving the Creator by what they do. That is their indoctrination from infancy, to be caretakers of their planets, and this is pretty much the way we started out here on Earth. But as those people evolve and gain consciousness, eventually they will become more independent like us. They will have problems, but by that time things will have changed on the other worlds and the Grays will have expanded their territory."

When Jerry told me that the Grays were in control of the situation I had to ask him if there was anything anyone here on Earth could do to stop them. He said, "No." I then asked if that was why the benevolent, human-looking ETs had infiltrated and were living secretly on earth, he said, "That is exactly right. Earth, and its people, are about to go through an enormous evolutionary change. It's already started. As a result of that, we're gaining higher degrees of consciousness and are becoming less and less affected by what the Grays can do to us to some extent. However, if we're not careful we're going to go the opposite direction, to the dark side, and that's what the Grays want.

"In order for them to remain in control we can't evolve, and certain measures have been taken to insure that we don't evolve. They are trying to keep the knowledge of our true potential a secret. They are also helping to break down the various governments into either a one world organization, that is being directly manipulated by the Grays, or no government whatsoever; anarchy."

Clearly, this was not a good situation. I wanted to know what Jerry thought the good ETs were doing to help keep us on a constructive, evolutionary course. He said, "They are doing a number of things. They are starting to make contact through various people to help them achieve a higher awareness. In turn, what they expect is that these inspired people will contact others in our society and essentially do the same thing exponentially to create a mass increase of awareness.

"That doesn't guarantee it will happen, but it is what they are trying to achieve. The good human ETs are living here and have gone into key positions of our society. They work in government, and corporations and different cultural centers. They are quite good at what they do with their telepathy.

"They mentally implant thoughts that inspire people to look in new directions. They do not take positions of major authority; they don't want that at all. But they are in a position to direct the motives of other key people around them in a helpful way. For example, the ETs I met in Peru told me that they wanted people to establish a community there where they would be free to interact peacefully with people. They would like to see this happen someday. It was tried before and there were some problems. I was being realistic about the prospect of people from other countries coming to Peru, buying land, and living there to interact safely with ETs. I wanted to know what the government of Peru was going to think about this.

"The ETs I met told me not to worry about it; that they already had people working in all the governments of the world. We wouldn't have any problems getting through the political red tape, so I put it to a test. With just a few phone calls, it became clear to me that it would in fact be easy to do. There were networks already available to me, where I would talk to a person who referred me to the person who could help. It wasn't a problem, and I was pleasantly surprised by that."

When Jerry appeared on national television in America, and was introduced as an earthbound extraterrestrial, he mentioned that the US government had been involved in creating a fake birth certificate for the family that adopted him. When I asked him to elaborate, he said, "I don't have any absolute proof of that, but what I have been told, and what I found to be true, is that the ETs delivered me to Fort Knox as an infant. I was only there for a short time before they took me somewhere and started running tests on me. After a couple of days, I was entrusted to my adopted parents. A birth certificate had been prepared, and given to them, and they took me home with them to Denver.

"Every few years, I had to go to a place in Florida that was only accessible by an air-boat. I remember going there at least twice as a little boy. We lived in Colorado, so going to Florida was a big deal. We went deep into this swamp, and there was this huge fence with barbed wire around the top and soldiers wearing fatigues with guns. We went into the compound, and there were doctors who kept me for two or three days. My adopted mom and dad would be there, too."

I wanted to know what Jerry's adoptive parent's connection was to the U.S. government. Although he could not find any records, he knew that his adopted father was in a branch of Army Intelligence. However, he passed away when Jerry was just seven-years old. I then asked Jerry where he first met his adoptive parents. He said, "I was told that my adoptive parents were instructed to go to a particular cabin in the woods to retrieve me when I was just an infant. My biological parents are out in space somewhere or are living on another planet."

When I asked Jerry if he was part of a positive ET intervention, he said, "Yes. There are many ET children that have been seeded into the earth's population. It is my understanding that in order for the Grays to keep the good ETs away from earth they had to make an agreement with some of the earth's governments. To circumvent that situation, the good, human-looking ETs seeded the earth with children of their choosing.

"As these children grew up to be adults they would be taught, to some extent, by the ETs secretly. They also would quickly adapt to the native culture and would therefore blend in as far as their appearance. They wanted us to blend in, so that we would be here on the planet in the event that they could not."

I then asked Jerry if he thought that was what the global defense shield known as Star Wars was really for. He said, "Yes. This is primarily the work of the Grays. I know there is a space-based defense shield which helps to insure that no one comes to earth uninvited. I have known about this for years. When the good ETs gave me the crystal ball, in 1983, that was one of the things they mentioned. They were concerned about the Earth's defense shield.

"The crystal ball the ETs gave me serves as a symbol of all things united unto the Creator; it is also a facilitator for people and helps them achieve higher awareness more easily. Some of the people who hold this crystal ball may even be one of the children who were brought here like me. We don't know each other."

When I asked Jerry why he was the first of the group to go public, he said, "There is a lot of disinformation out there. I wanted to give some correct information at least as I knew it. Also, it takes a lot of nerve to stand up and speak out about this subject. It scares some people really bad, but I'm not afraid to say it. I was also thinking that if I'm not afraid to say it then some of the others would be inspired to tell who they really are.

"But it's kind of complicated. There are some people on Earth who think they are ETs who aren't. On the other hand, there are some who think they aren't, but actually are. I didn't think that was going to be the case, but I've received a lot of phone calls and letters from people who tell me how great it is that I said what I believe to be true and that it's about time. Most of the ETs living here secretly don't have the nerve, or simply don't feel the need, to reveal their true identity. Actually, I think it's much more important that we come to terms with what lies ahead for us as a society here on Earth.

"We are getting ready to experience a new beginning, another potential step in the process of evolution that will forever change the way things are on Earth. In order for this change to be facilitated, people need to come to terms with the fact that they are part of the process of creation. We can make things better or worse. Our intention, determination, and sense of direction are what make the difference. We all need to take responsibility for the future. If we don't, someone else will."

Extrait du Chapitre 9 de Close Encounters on Capitol Hill de Robert M. Stanley publié en 2006
Publié sur le Blog d'Ed Komarek
Je vais traduire peu a peu.
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Re : Interview avec un Extra-Terrestre
« Réponse #1 le: 05 février 2012 à 14:45:48 »

Aussi étrange que cela puisse paraître, l'une des personnes que j'ai interrogé sur le sujet des extraterrestres présents sur terre à terre, a déclaré qu'il était un extraterrestre. Il était sans conteste un individu atypique, qui avait déclenché la controverse lors de son interview à la télévision nationale 1995 pendant un talk-show de NBC appelé  On The Other Side- de l'autre coté. C'est là que nous nous sommes rencontré pour la premiére fois.
Jerry avait été invités sur l'émission parce qu'il voulait remettre un message qui lui aurait été délivré par des extraterrestres qu'il aurait rencontrés lors d'un séjour au Pérou. En cet après-midi, dans les studios de NBC, au centre-ville de Burbank, Jerry a été présenté au public de l'émission comme:"l'homme qui croit qu'il est d'un autre monde." Mais Jerry était tout à fait sérieux au sujet de ses origines, son but et sa quête dans la vie. J'ai entendu certaines personnes dans le public lui demandé avec un certain sarcasme si il était vraiment superman avec des superpouvoirs.
J' étais également interviewé lors de cet émission en cet après-midi là, et j'étais très sceptique quant à l'histoire de Jerry, parce-qu'à mon sens, il ne ressemblait à un simple terrien. Il se mesurait  2m03, avait les cheveux blonds et les yeux bleus. À l'époque, il était marié avec des enfants et propriétaire d'un magasin de réparation d'équipement électronique, qui marchait trés bien. Mais après l'émission, j'ai été curieux et j'ai voulu en savoir plus sur lui, alors nous avons échangé nos numéros de téléphone. Et comme j'ai appris à le connaître mieux, j'ai pu m'apercevoir qu'il avait des raisons irréfutables de croire qu'il n'était pas originaire de la terre.
Bien que je ne puisse confirmer ou infirmer ses informations, il croyait sincèrement à qu'il a disait. Je savais aussi que la vérité est souvent plus étrange que la fiction en particulier quand il s'agit d'extraterrestres. Selon Jerry, ses premiers contacts avec des extraterrestres ressemblant à des humains, ont commencé quand il avait 12 ans alors qu'il vivait dans une région éloignée et boisée du centre du Kentucky. Les extraterrestres lui indiquaient par un bip trés aigu, et lui montraient le lieu de rencontre par projection mentale.
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Re : Interview avec un Extra-Terrestre
« Réponse #2 le: 25 août 2012 à 00:09:00 »

Cette émission est très inté l'avais entendue avec intérêt, il dit que les ovnis bien connus qui ont survolé le Capitole de Washington sont revenus exactement au même endroit , je ne me souviens plus de l'année, mais c'est récent et il n'y avait qu'un entrefilet dans un journal...passé tout à fait inaperçu.

"Nobody seems to care that we've got these photographs," says author Robert Stanley in this fascinating Veritas interview. "Not even the UFO community."

At least some of them independently analyzed as "unretouched" and "absolutely authentic," the photographs in his book, and on his website, show fleets of UFOs, dark objects, and white orbs dotting restricted airspace over the Capital.

Stanley says Washington DC is the site of more UFO sightings "than any location on the planet." After collecting and analyzing 200 reports of UFOs over DC, Stanley decided to compile a timeline. His two books contain 1000 of these reports. His conclusions are disturbing.

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(entendu d'une conversation dans la rue.)


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Re : Interview avec un Extra-Terrestre
« Réponse #3 le: 21 septembre 2012 à 12:55:14 »

bonjour à tous , @ Icarl ,  pas de nouvelles de ce personnage très intéressant ??!!
      avez vous toujours son téléphone ? 
      si oui pourriez vous lui demander de venir faire un "petit tour" par ici , maintenant ? ;D
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