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Re : UFO : Revue de presse anglo-saxone
« Réponse #480 le: 06 août 2009 à 21:44:25 »

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"En ufologie, il faut savoir tout envisager mais surtout ne rien croire"
-Aimé Michel


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Re : UFO : Revue de presse anglo-saxone
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"En ufologie, il faut savoir tout envisager mais surtout ne rien croire"
-Aimé Michel


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Re : Re : UFO : Revue de presse anglo-saxone
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They Are Among Us

un article de Michael Rubens pour "Ufo Digest", le 4 août 2009:

En fait cet article n'a pas d'autre but que de nous amener vers l'interview en anglais - et traduite en français - du chercheur Nigel Kerner, réalisée en juin dernier par KarmaOne pour :

"Les messies biomécaniques"

Nigel Kerner a été ajouté dans "Portraits" :

Voir également l'interview de 2004 :
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On n'est jamais si bien trahi que par ses "amis" les plus proches.. - http://ovnis-usa -


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Re : UFO : Revue de presse anglo-saxone
« Réponse #483 le: 07 août 2009 à 18:48:02 »
UFO over Rhossili?

Friday, August 07, 2009, 16:01

IS this a UFO?

The image is blown up from one taken by Stuart Leigh-Davies on a Sony Cybershot digital camera at Rhossili.

"I didn't notice it at the time as I wasn't looking through the view finder when I took the shot, merely looking at the image on the screen," said Stuart.

"It's definitely not dust on the lens as I took another shot of the other side of the bay immediately after and that was fine."

"I don't think it's a military aircraft (I'm ex-RAF and would have heard it anyway) nor indeed a civilian one.

"I'm stumped! I would be grateful if anyone could shine some light on it."

If you think you know what the image might be, post a comment below.
The theory of Everything - The Truth of Intelligent Design

By Richard Taylor

Published: August 7th, 2009 12:10 EST

My Theory Of Everything
The Truth Of Intelligent Design
(As I see It)


And now physicists are talking about parallel universes, and here is my take on that. During this Big Bang "The All" had to create all of the possibilities for things to happen so He, which is us, can experience them all. He loves diversity, don`t you think? Look at all the different people He created. So all of the possibilities for things to happen are there. They have already happened. Now all that is needed is our consciousness and our belief to actualize (collapse the quantum feild) whatever event we believe will happen. It`s the many worlds theory physicists always talk about. The multi-universe. The physicists and astronomers don`t realize that their consciousness, through their belief, is what is bringing the universe into existence. Read "The Holographic Universe" to learn more.

    And that doesn`t even count all of the HEBs. You call them aliens. I call them Highly Evolved Beings. And yes, that means all of the UFO`s we see that the governments keep telling us is a figment of our imagination. And they aren`t here to conquer us and take away our world. They would have done that a long time ago. They just are keeping tabs on us so we don`t blow ourselves up again.

    Oh, did I say again? Yes. We have done this before. But before we get into that, lets finish up parallels. So "The All" creates all of these different ways to experience life, and He manages to be able to keep one of His greatest gifts to us included in the package. Free Will. Yes, we get to choose our way of experience throughout this life. And the way He does that is the fact that time doesn`t exist. Now your going to call me crazy and say of course it exists. Well, I agree to a certain extent. Yes, it exists, but only because our brains make it exist. Time is the function of the matrix, which is our brain. See what a wonderful thing "The All" did when He created our brains? Now be honest with yourself, and tell me you have never done any drugs or alcohol, and time didn`t change. Have you ever had an accident where time seemed to slow down and you could see minute details. Time is a function of the brain.


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Sauvons la planète, notre Mère la Terre...
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Re : UFO : Revue de presse anglo-saxone
« Réponse #484 le: 07 août 2009 à 23:50:16 »

D'autres sources

Gigantic black UFO sighted over remote northern Minnesota countryside

August 7, 2:08 PMKittson County Top News ExaminerKen Korczak

This is a generic public domain photo.

Editor's note: A while ago I tried an interesting experiment. I placed a small classified ad in several small northern Minnesota newspapers. The ad read: "Have you seen a ghost, UFO or something you can't explain? Call me: 218-436-xxxx."

I was surprised to get a number of calls, the first from a man whom I know from my hometown, and who I would describe as an "elderly, conservative, no-nonsense, Christian farmer." The following is the story he told me.

It was peaceful, clear June evening in 1987. Bernard Hanson, a retired local farmer,  and his son Dexter were heading north from Minnesota Highway 11 on a dirt road three miles west of Greenbush, a small town near the Canadian boder in Roseau County, Minnesota.

Suddenly, they saw a fantastic thing floating above a grove of trees. It was massive! It had the look of plastic, deep black in color. It was easily bigger than a barn and hovered serenely, about 30 feet above the tree tops over the farm of Bob Melby.

Hanson and his son were amazed and “a little scared."

"We just didn’t know what it was,” Bernard said. “It was cigar-shaped and pure black, coal black. There were no markings on it. It was smooth all over. I would say it had the look of plastic. It was about 3/4 a mile from us. It was at least as big as my barn, if not bigger.”

Bernard said he and Dexter sat in the pick-up and watched it for a long while. It was not a fleeting image or a streak across the sky. The object had the definite look of something solid—real enough to touch.

“It was a clear June evening,” Bernard said. “There was not a cloud in the sky. The sun had just gone down, but you know the way it stays light in the summer. There was still plenty of daylight and we could see it clearly.”

Even though they were somewhat frightened, Bernard and Dexter decided to get a bit closer.

“We turned toward it on County Road 104, but when we moved, it moved,” Hanson said. “We followed it for a while, and then we turned north, and it turned north.”

After following it for a couple of miles, Bernard said the object suddenly zoomed away.

“It tilted upward and streaked away from us — it turned into a tiny black dot in just seconds and was gone. It flew upward at a 45-degree angle ...the rate of speed was tremendous... it was almost as if it just vaporized.”

After the object left, the Hansons decided to stop in at the farm of Wayne Juhl and ask him if he saw the curious object, but Juhl said he saw nothing. Bernard knows he wasn’t “seeing things” because he and his son could not both have had the same hallucination. Also, he is certain it was not a conventional aircraft.

“A large balloon could never move that fast and go up at that angle,” he said.

Then what was it? Bernard has no guess, and he is not ready to say that he saw a spaceship or a UFO. But he knows that what he and his son saw was something entirely unexplained.

“I think we all have to admit that there are things in the world we don’t know about—there are a lot of mysteries. All I’m saying is that this was something I have never seen before, and I don’t know what it was.”

He is not alone. The object Hanson described has a long history of being sighted not only in America and around the world, but especially here in the American Midwest.

 Cigar or zeppelin shaped “airships” were reported frequently in Minnesota and Iowa in the late 1800s, and some of the most curious and famous UFO cases involve crafts of similar description.

In fact, Hanson’s description of both the shape and the way this object acted closely fit other such sightings. For example, in his book, Dimensions, computer scientist and former NASA consultant Jacques Vallee, writes: “Usually the airships flew very slowly and majestically...except in a few close-proximity cases when it was reported to depart “as a shot out of a gun.”

That matches Hanson’s experience to the letter. Furthermore, huge cigar-shaped flying objects have been observed by thousands of people throughout history.

In the year 1211 A.D., for example, in the tiny Irish village of Cloera, the local residents were attending Mass in a church dedicated to St. Kinarus when such an object was sighted above the church.

In the 1890s, airships sightings were common. Thousands of people saw them throughout the United States, even over large population centers, including Chicago, Minneapolis, Omaha, Sioux City, San Francisco, and many others.

From the tiny 11th Century borough of Cloera, to modern-day Greenbush, Minnesota, the mysterious giant airships are still making their appearances, perhaps looking down at human beings and wondering about our activities as much as we do their’s.

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Re : UFO : Revue de presse anglo-saxone
« Réponse #485 le: 08 août 2009 à 00:07:27 »
UFOs no laughing matter for investigators

By John Moore

Chuck Zukowski was in the middle of discussing Colorado cattle mutilations when he paused.

The Colorado Springs UFO researcher had just recounted an investigation he conducted in March near Walsenburg in which a cow turned up dead with its udder missing and the animal’s newborn calf was found nearby, unharmed.

“What kind of predator would go after an 1,100-pound cow and leave a calf?” he continued. “(The ranchers) bottle-fed the calf to keep it alive.”

But the livestock owners, like many others Zukowski has met, were less willing to talk about the case publicly.

“The reason ranchers don’t talk about (cattle mutilations) is the giggle factor (concerning UFOs),” he said. “And we all know about the giggle factor.”

Several people in the audience nodded knowingly, and a few smiled faintly, but no one laughed. It was a moment that illustrates the no-nonsense — dare we say down-to-earth? — attitude that Zukowski and other UFO researchers who spoke Thursday at the 40th Annual International UFO Symposium in Denver bring to their work.

The lectures were meant to teach the audience of about 60 fellow researchers how to be better volunteer field investigators for the Fort Collins-based Mutual UFO Network, a national nonprofit group that studies sightings of unidentified flying objects and is hosting the four-day conference at the Denver Marriott Tech Center. Topics the first day ran the spectrum from photo analysis and basic astronomy to evidence collection and interviewing techniques.

As one speaker put it, the presentations were designed to show investigators how to “discern the normal things from the abnormal things.”

Granted, the speakers belong to an organization with “UFO” in the title and many of them said flatly that they believe extraterrestrials exist. But they also spoke passionately about not wanting an investigator’s belief in flying saucers, or witness’s belief, to lead a case anywhere that the evidence doesn’t.

“The public is very good at observing things; they’re not good with scientific things — we have to be the scientific people in this community,” said Jan Harzan, MUFON’s assistant state director for Southern California, who led a discussion about the organization’s formal investigation process. ” … There are about 5 percent of the cases where we really don’t know what happened.”

Keeping field investigators safe while gathering evidence was a recurring theme during the presentations. Swine flu has been added to the list of potential hazards that researchers working around livestock face in the field, said Zukowski, a computer chip designer who is also a volunteer El Paso County sheriff’s deputy.

“You’ve got to be masked, you’ve got to be gloved — and they’ve got to be good gloves,” he said. “You don’t know what killed the animal — what if it’s a virus? … Do whatever it takes to see that sunrise tomorrow.”

UFO investigators also face potential threats from hantavirus, wild animals and radiation even from human-made objects that might have fallen from orbit, the speakers said.

Many of those at the conference freely admitted another obstacle they face: The public doesn’t always greet the topic of UFOs with the level of seriousness that they do. They said it can make witnesses reluctant to talk about what they might have seen.

“People are fearful because they see what the press does to people who report UFOs — they make a laughing stock out of them,” Harzan said. “That is changing … but that is still out there with a lot of people.”

Famous UFO investigator Stanton Friedman, the symposium’s keynote speaker, echoed Harzan’s words in an interview with the RMI during a break at the conference. He said he is amazed by the number of people who will tell him they saw something strange but didn’t report it.

” ‘They’d think I was some kind of a nut’ is the most common answer,” he said.

But Friedman, a former nuclear physicist who lives in Canada, said that the study of UFOs is in transition and that several things are coming together that could boost MUFON’s work and the credibility of “ufologists.”

He pointed to younger, Web-savvy leadership at MUFON; an increased potential for wealthy donors to step forward to begin paying the organization’s volunteer investigators; and better technology for exploring space.

“(Astronomers have) discovered 350 planets outside of our solar system, and before, it was zero,” he said. ” … We’re finding them because our ability to detect them has improved.”

Friedman also pointed to the Internet and an increase in cable-television programs about UFOs that help investigators share their findings.

“The word is getting out in a lot of places,” he said. “Is it all true? No. But you aren’t going to get the truth on a lot of subjects — not everything the newspapers report is true, either. … But the climate is changing to get your message out.”

Friedman, 75, said he likes to think it will all add up to government acknowledgment that flying saucers “are real” in his lifetime.

“Times are changing,” he said, “and I hope I’m around to see it.”

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Re : UFO : Revue de presse anglo-saxone
« Réponse #486 le: 08 août 2009 à 08:32:28 »

MC a publié de multiples articles sur l'affaire de l'UFO en chine, voici le dernier en date :
UFO disclosure: Are we really ready?

Opinion: Michael Cohen

Two weeks ago I broke a story in English on a UFO event that occurred in China during the recent solar eclipse (see timeline below).

That story had all the ingredients of a major UFO event: Multiple witnesses, 9 of whom captured images in the form of film and photos (still images and film below). The object that was seen is said to have morphed it's shape and this can even be observed in the footage. Much of this footage is remarkable if not astounding and will not be debunked easily.
Amazingly the UFO looks almost identical to the description of the JAL 1986 UFO, one of the most credible UFO incidents ever.

The story has been reported in hundreds of Chinese news outlets including Xinhua, the official government paper which has confirmed that the images have been taken in for analysis by the authorities.

Now the story is travelling through Asia like wildfire. News sources in other Asian nations are picking up the story and the event is being discussed on every UFO forum based on that continent ( Asia Today article).

Yet other than All News Web no Western media source has as much as made mention of the incident and even the so called 'UFO community' has chosen to completely ignore the event. Why?
It appears that any suggestion that aliens dare take an interest in the Chinese is an affront to American ufologists.  Ufology is a nationalistic affair, and the issue is not about aliens revealing their presence: that is not good enough. They have to reveal themselves only to Americans.
I myself have received email after email from ‘UFO researchers’ debunking this story and outright rejecting it on the basis of criteria that no American event would ever be subject to. Most of these emails were nothing less than pure ignorance and red-necked paranoia.

I was accused of making the whole event up despite Xinhua carrying the story: ‘I bet they got it from you’. On American UFO forums where the story did get to, people were warned: ‘Don’t open those damned Chinese sources: they will give your computer a virus’.
It doesn’t seem fair. The Chinese faithfully report all the big American UFO stories. Perhaps they shouldn’t. These so called ‘UFO researchers’ in the west should ask themselves the question: If they can’t set aside petty nationalists rivalries and outright racism how are they going to deal with aliens?
Are any extraterrestrials watching all of this? It appears they are right in keeping their presence hidden. We are not ready one bit.

(Still from film that appeared on China Broadcasting)

(Photo taken of UFO)

admn : la vidéo n'est plus disponible
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Re : UFO : Revue de presse anglo-saxone
« Réponse #487 le: 08 août 2009 à 09:45:50 »

Bravo pour tout ca parce-qu'il y en a dans beaucoup de journaux locaux. Notamment en Angleterre ou j'habite. Bonne continuation.
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With knowledge comes responsibility.


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Re : UFO : Revue de presse anglo-saxone
« Réponse #488 le: 08 août 2009 à 11:45:03 »
PerthNow reader photographs mystery lights over Perth Hills

Article from: PerthNow

August 08, 2009 04:00pm

admn : l'image n'est plus disponible

MYSTERY: A PerthNow reader took this photograph showing mystery green and red lights over the Perth Hills on Friday night.

A PERTHNOW reader believes he may have photographed a possible UFO over Perth skies last night.

The photograph, which shows a green saucer-like shape and a reddish light to the left, was taken looking east over the Perth Hills towards Kalamunda at about 7.45pm on Friday night. 

The PerthNow reader, who gave us his name but did not want to be publicly identified fearing he could be ridiculed, said: "This is a genuine photo I took last night. It has not been tampered with in any way (apart from cropping and downsize to jpg).

"I was photographing the moon and didn't see the red and green lights until viewing the images on my computer.

"The lights you see are not due to anything on the lens or a reflection. I took several photos which show the strange-shaped green light in particular in the same place each time.

"You can see the moon at the top of the photo . . . the red light may be a planet or an approaching aircraft (Perth Domestic Airport is off the bottom left of the photo).

"The photo was taken looking east over the Perth hills towards Kalamunda about 7.45pm last night 7 August.

"They both show these lights in the roughly the same place which may suggest they are planets not seen by the naked eye.''

Our intrepid photographer has also emailed the pictures to the Perth Observatory hoping for an explanation.

"The photo was taken with a shutter speed near 2 seconds. I could not see this green light with the naked eye.''

Did you see any strange lights over the Perth Hills last night?

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Re : UFO : Revue de presse anglo-saxone
« Réponse #489 le: 10 août 2009 à 11:04:32 »
Democratic rivals target Hillary Clinton in debate

Published: Oct 31, 2007 5:00 am

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Democrats Barack Obama and John Edwards sharply challenged Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's candor, consistency and judgment Tuesday in a televised debate that underscored her front-runner status two months before the first presidential primary votes.

Obama, the Illinois senator, began immediately, saying Clinton has changed her positions on the North American Free Trade Agreement, torture policies and the Iraq war. Leadership, he said, does not mean "changing positions whenever it's politically convenient."


In the debate's lightest moment, Kucinich confirmed seeing an unidentified flying object at the Washington state home of actress Shirley MacLaine. He said, with a smile, he would open a campaign office in Roswell, N.M., home to many alleged UFO sightings.

Obama said he would accompany his daughters in trick-or-treating on Halloween while wearing a Mitt Romney mask, which has "two sides to it, it goes in both directions."

The debate, held at Drexel University, was aired by MSNBC. Organizers excluded former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel on grounds that he did not meet fundraising and polling thresholds.

AP-ES-10-30-07 2340EDT
Comm Crisis
Delay in U.S. Navy Satellite Program Sparks Reviews And Contingency Planning

By Todd Neff And ben iannotta
Published: 10 August 2009

U.S. troops and intelligence operatives working in some of the world's most remote regions might have to cope with satellite communications dead zones starting in mid-2010 because of a mix of satellite development delays, aging satellites and a decision by the military not to launch more backup transmitters and receivers, defense officials and analysts said.

At the moment, the United States cobbles together communications coverage for "disadvantaged" or "special" subscribers using eight Ultra-high Frequency Follow-on (UFO) satellites and additional UHF capacity on other spacecraft. Users connect by stopping to set up small, tripod-based satellite antennas connected to their radios.

UHF users can converse with commanders or intelligence bosses through bad weather or forest canopy, but because of the UHF system's limited capacity, they can send video or data only when other users are ordered off the network temporarily.

When the United States began launching the UFO satellites in 1993, they were "manna from heaven," said retired Army Lt. Gen. Pete Cuviello, a former Army chief information officer. Then came the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and an explosion in demand for tactical communications that was punctuated by a UFO satellite failure in 2005 and another in 2006.

The Navy now calculates that there is a 70 percent chance that in May 2010 the UFO constellation will reach an "unacceptable level of availability."

That was not supposed to be a problem under the Pentagon's original schedule for the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS), a constellation of four geosynchronous satellites and one spare that would serve more users than the UFO satellites and give many of them the ability to communicate while driving or walking.

Now, the Navy, which is managing development of MUOS for the military, has told Congress that the first satellite in development will not be ready for use until February 2011, instead of March 2010. The 11-month delay virtually ensures a gap between the old and new systems, a realization that sparked a flurry of activity from Capitol Hill to Navy headquarters to the Lockheed Martin factory in California, where MUOS "Space Vehicle 1" has been assembled but is not working properly.

The Air Force offered its technical help, but the Navy elected to assemble a broader team of national experts to travel to the factory in California to assess the state of the program. "Are the problems you're seeing now what you might expect? Or are there systemic problems?" an official close to the program said of the assessment team's role.

The MUOS program is technically challenging, officials said, because the satellites are designed to link two eras. They must continue to serve today's UFO users by carrying a set of Boeing-built electronics called the Legacy UHF Payload.

But the satellites' primary mission is to adapt cellular-phone-inspired "third generation," or 3G, technology to satellite communications through the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS), a network of radios that will bounce signals to MUOS satellites when necessary, for instance, to communicate over mountains or across bodies of water.

In the latest twist, Lockheed Martin has asked the Navy for more testing time to "reduce the risk involved in the first-time integration, assembly and test of this sophisticated satellite."

Crossing Their Fingers

Meanwhile, the congressional Government Accountability Office (GAO) has begun exploring whether defense officials were unwise to turn down opportunities to launch ultrahigh-frequency communications units on commercial satellites - the UHF-Hosted payload option - and whether more technical problems could be lurking.

The communications fate of troops and users from "non-DoD agencies" - a Pentagon euphemism for intelligence operatives - amounts to a gamble about the health of the existing satellites.

"Every day that those satellites don't fall out of the sky or fail, that extends that gap point further to the right," Vice Adm. Harry Harris, the deputy chief of naval operations for networking, told a Senate subcommittee in May. Harris said he was "optimistic" that if there were a gap between the two systems, it would be a matter of "months."

The stakes are high because U.S. narrowband communications already are taxed beyond their capacity. Harris told the committee that the United States could satisfy only 20 percent of the tactical demand during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, despite allocating 80 percent of narrowband capacity to those wars.

Greatly Expand Users

Only 600 users can converse over the UFO constellation simultaneously, a number MUOS is intended to expand to about 7,000 by shifting to the Internet Protocol 3G approach.

"Think of the satellite as a very tall cell tower," said an official from General Dynamics, which is developing the ground element of MUOS together with Ericsson. The nearest MUOS satellite would lock on to the user's device using codes embedded in the user's signal, much as a cell phone connects to a cellular tower. The MUOS network would relay the signals through ground stations and other MUOS satellites.

As powerful as they might turn out to be, the MUOS satellites are one side of a supply-and-demand equation that is falling more out of balance each day. That growing demand is the real challenge, said Cuviello, now an analyst at Deloitte Consulting.

"It's going to bring the network to its knees," he said. "In 2010 and 2011, the demand is going to be that much greater. That's the problem."

The military has not decided whether the first satellite should be launched into an orbit covering Afghanistan and Iraq, said a representative for Strategic Command, which makes such operational decisions. The first of the new U.S. Wideband Global Satcom spacecraft, for example, was stationed over the Pacific Ocean, where planners reasoned there was a shortage of broadband communications aboard ships engaged in missile defense.

Serving Two Masters

The technical hurdles in development of the first MUOS satellite spring mostly from the fact that the satellites must communicate with the UFO-compatible radios carried by U.S. forces today, and also the flat antennas that will be attached to military vehicles under the JTRS program.

The Boeing-built Legacy UHF payload must guarantee communications to those UFO radios. The main MUOS 3G payload will serve 10 times more users simultaneously than the UFO satellites, and it will give troops the ability to send and receive data and video. But it is incompatible with the UFO radios and antennas.

The Navy also plans to make more use of some of the satellites it relies on to augment the UFO satellites. The Navy added a lease on the British military's Skynet 5C satellite and has increased the use of leased commercial bandwidth on Leasat 5, a commercial satellite leased to the U.S. government with an expected design life through early 2011. ■
Kiwi Foreign Affairs grounded in this world

4:00AM Monday Aug 10, 2009
By David Eames

Ufology did not excite the UN General Assembly in 1977. Photo / Supplied

If, as fictional FBI agent Fox Mulder opined, the truth is out there, the New Zealand Government - or its United Nations representatives, at least - wasn't much interested in finding it in 1978.

Declassified papers show there was little appetite among New Zealand diplomats for a proposed UN agency to investigate UFOs.

The idea of a UFO investigation team was first floated in mid-1977 by Grenada Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy.

And a Foreign Affairs briefing paper the following year summarises what appeared to have been an animated speech by Sir Eric, who in a draft resolution implored the UN General Assembly to establish the agency "as a matter of priority". The resolution also called for 1977 to be declared The International Year of UFOs.

In his speech Sir Eric "devoted considerable time to UFOs" the report said, "at the same time giving full rein to a clearly developed religious streak".

Sir Eric apparently left the majority of his speech to his Education Minister Mr Friday "who spoke at great length (consisting in the main of a recital of the history of ufology) and who was listened to in what can best be described as embarrassed silence".

"By the time Friday introduced his draft resolution it was clear that no one was prepared to accept it, the general feeling being that the subject was hardly a fit one to be treated by the United Nations "quite aside from the financial implications of the action proposed", the paper said.

Hopefully Sir Eric did not read Foreign Affairs' crushing summation.

"We share the general disposition of the Committee that the matter is not appropriate for discussion in a United Nations context.

"We hope, therefore, that the matter would be disposed of without a vote. If put to the vote, a negative vote would be appropriate, though the delegation has discretion to abstain." David Eames

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Re : UFO : Revue de presse anglo-saxone
« Réponse #490 le: 10 août 2009 à 11:50:04 »
Multiple UFO and ghostly sightings over Swansea Bay

Monday, August 10, 2009, 09:27

MORE strange sightings have been reported over Swansea Bay.

It follows the submission of a photograph taken by ex-RAF man Stuart Leigh-Davies, of an object over Rhossili Bay.

The object he photographed has since been digitally enhanced by Eric Rush and you can see the latest image by clicking on the link below.

UFO over Rhossili story

Now Alan Jeffery of Fenbrook Close, Baglan Moors has been in touch with another odd occurence.

He said: "I went outside my house for a bit of air and looked up at the sky. This was at 10.20pm last night.

"As I did, I thought I was looking at a balloon but it was shining and keeping a straight course.

"This must have been at a height of 1,000 feet and moving around 50 to 60 miles an hour. I have read in the post of other people seeing something similar. I'm wondering if it was seen by others too. In a few seconds it went over the Baglan mountain and out of sight."

And John and Patsy Price, of Mumbles, have sent in an odd image of glowing orbs which appeared on a photograph they took at Oystermouth Castle.

"The photos were taken with a brand new Canon 500d digital digital camera.

"There was no bright sunlight. Several photos were taken on the day but only the shots of the castle captured these orbs," they said.

You can see the picture they submitted alongside this article.

If you have seen anything strange and want to tell us about it. Or if you have photos or video of something you can't explain, please send it to

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Spate of regional UFO sightings


Last updated: 10/08/2009 15:41:00
RAF Marham today ruled out any possibility its aircraft had sparked a flood of UFO sightings.

Witnesses have reported seeing bright orange lights in the sky at locations including Dereham, Downham Market, Holkham, Caister and Norwich in recent days.

News of the sightings comes a week after a helicopter pilot had reported seeing a strange orange light over in the sky over Norwich.

Dennis Sayer, from Dereham, said: “Me and the wife spotted an orange light passing our house here in Dereham from the Windsor Park area about 11.15 Monday night looking out from a bedroom window and it was coming from the Norwich area heading toward Fakenham/Wells way.

“It did not appear to be going that fast about the speed of a helicopter or less .I tried taking a picture of it with my mobile but the light was not bright enough it was orange and pulsing and what looked like other coloured lights within it, but the main colour was orange.

“It did not seem that far out in the sky maybe a couple of miles out and like I say it was not travelling that fast because when my vision was blocked by trees I had time to run down stairs unlock my front door and go outside and continue watching it go past.”

Helen Liddell, from Denver, near Downham, told a UFO-watcher's message board: “My husband and I were standing outside our back door when we saw a large orange light in the sky seemingly coming towards us.

“Initially, we thought it must be some kind of plane, however, there was no noise at all. The light then changed course and moved horizontally, flickering at times, it remained visible for 51 seconds and then disappeared.”

One poster from Norwich said: “Strange bright orange light moving through the thought it was a plane but it moved very fast came from over Norwich then stopped and seemed to go upward into the sky and disappeared. Nine more followed.”

Another, from the city's Stirling Road, added: “Bright light shooting across the garden at around 40ft from the ground. It was more in keeping with a firework than anything else. Saw something very similar a couple of months ago in the same location.”

A spokesman at Marham said none of its aircraft were in the air at the time of the sightings, which have occurred over the last 10 days. Norfolk police said they had not received any calls about the lights in the sky.

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Awesome Or Off-Putting: The Aurora UFO Crash

By Shawn Lindseth on Monday, August 10, 2009 at 5:00pm

admn : l'image n'est plus disponible

Awesome or Off-Putting is a weekly delve into cryptozoology, ufology, aliens, medical marvels, scientific wonders, secret societies, government conspiracies, cults, ghosts, EVPs, ancient artifacts, strange facts, odd sightings or just the plain unexplainable.

When a tin foil spaceship crashed all over Roswell, New Mexico, the residents there must have been overcome with anticipation of the tourist dollars that would soon stuff their wallets. As Roswell sat back and watched the green fly in (pun intended), Aurora, Texas must have felt slighted.

After all, they had a spaceship crash like 50 years previously - and theirs included a now-buried little green body.

Aurora, Texas was a quiet little town that once had something they termed ‘an airship’ smash into a windmill then explode all to pieces. The sight of an airship was by no means new - after all, a rash of the things had been reported all over the country. finds the words to describe things:

“The Aurora crash was, in fact, the culminating event in a rash of “airship” sightings in East and Northeast Texas, Oklahoma, North and Central Louisiana in the period between 1895 and 1898. Robert Atkinson, of Center, Texas, a veteran of the Spanish American War, often told of seeing, as a teenager, strange, “flashing lights” in the sky, as did Polk Burns of the same city. Similar incidents were recountered by Bud Knight, a prominent resident of San Augustine, Texas, who died in 1981 at the age of 108. Lee Choron, who died in 1976 at the age of 94 recalled seeing “moving lights flashing in the sky” while living in Swift, Texas… while in his “teens”.”

Keep in mind these sightings were happening in 1897 or before. The Wright brothers first flew on December 17th 1903 - not that airplanes were the first human-made vehicles to cross the sky. Hot air balloons and dirigibles had been around for who-knows how long. Let’s not forget though, that the above witness account claimed flashing lights - not flickering candles. Electricity, is of course, implied here. Although Ben Franklin’s key had been first lit up by it several decades earlier, surely a balloon from that time couldn’t be suited up with light bulb wiring.

Now on to more interesting fare, the Aurora crash was reported in newspapers, diaries and letters to friends. One such newspaper article still exists. It’s from the Dallas Morning News:

“About 6 o’clock this morning the early risers of Aurora were astonished at the sudden appearance of the airship which has been sailing around the country. It was traveling due north and much nearer the earth than before.

“Evidently some of the machinery was out of order, for it was making a speed of only ten or twelve miles an hour, and gradually settling toward the earth. It sailed over the public square and when it reached the north part of town it collided with the tower of Judge Proctor’s windmill and went into pieces with a terrific explosion, scattering debris over several acres of ground, wrecking the windmill and water tank and destroying the judge’s flower garden.

“The pilot of the ship is supposed to have been the only one aboard and, while his remains were badly disfigured, enough of the original has been picked up to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world.”

Did you read that? The newspaper article said there was a body. What’s more - they buried it in the local cemetery. No really - we wouldn’t lie to you. Here’s a splurb from the historical marker screwed to the cemetery’s gate, or whatever:

“…This site is also well-known because of the legend that a spaceship crashed nearby in 1897 and the pilot, killed in the crash, was buried here…”

With a known location for an alien body one would suppose that concrete proof of alien visitation was just a couple shovelfuls away. We would that it was that simple. There was a tombstone at one point, allegedly - acting like the X on a pirate’s map. According to

“There was a tombstone, with a marking that appeared to be half of a saucer, or the cigar-shaped object. Researchers ran metal detectors over the site where the ship was said to crash. Some say the grass hasn’t grown there since. In a nearby shed, there’s a well where wreckage, small bits of metal, was reportedly thrown. But in 1973, the tombstone and the metal in the ground disappeared.”

Still, it shouldn’t be that tough to find, right? A couple strong backs could probably have the whole place dug up within a few weeks.

If the locals would let them. You see, they’re conveniently tired of all the attention, and refuse to let anyone dig. And as for the owners of the well with all the debris down in it - well they cemented it over. Things really aren’t looking good here, are they?

So unfortunately, the mystery of the Aurora spaceship crash will remain just that - a mystery.

PS. Check out this detailed original newspaper article regarding the crash. We think you’ll quite enjoy it if you’ve got good vision.
Update on spooky "Klingon" UFO visit to east Tennessee

August 10, 9:51 AMMemphis UFO ExaminerEddie Middleton

Follow-up interview reveals odd nocturnal events

  In an extensive follow-up interview I did with the witness about two months after the original report was completed by our Tennessee Chief Investigator Max Mitchell, some extremely interesting new information was brought to light in this case. Max had listed this sighting report in the category of the "unknown," which I completely concur with, but in view of what happened to this witness soon after his sighting of the "Klingon" ship, I think we need to add the further assessment that this was probably also a "CE-4" event. A Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind is an encounter with beings and/or an abduction. The witness didn't think to mention what happened one week after his sighting because it didn't occur to him that this might have been in some way related to the first event.

  But what happened to him seven days after his spectactular UFO sighting experience may well have been the immediate aftermath of a second visit of these otherworldly beings. He woke up about 3 AM standing outside in his underwear banging on his back door for his wife to let him in. He had no recollection of how he had gotten out there. His wife asked him what he was doing outside. In his own words, "I knew, but I couldn't tell her. Every time I would start to tell her, my mind would just go blank. It was very frustrating! I would say, "I'm..." and that would be it. I couldn't remember. That happened to me one more time about week later. Same thing, about 3 in the morning---I couldn't remember why I was even outside. I've never been a sleepwalker...maybe that's what I did but never before and never after those two times  within a week."

  Those familiar with abduction research would have noted that the time was around 3 AM when the witness suddenly woke up locked outside his house in a state of total confusion as to how and why he had gotten out there. The hour of 3 AM seems to be a common time for alien visits.

  In my follow-up interview, I got more details about his neighbors who had told him about the flying saucers landing in his woods. "My neighbors next door [about a quarter of a mile away is "next door" here!]---when my wife and I moved into our house---helped us do a lot of things...the older brother in their family kept telling me there were UFOs landing in the woods behind my house." [Of interest here is that these woods about a thousand feet to the rear of his house are close to some high-power lines. UFOs are often seem in proximity to these.] This neighbor, who had apparently actually seen strange craft landing close to these high-power lines, had said that he was going to take  his gun out there at night to hunt these things! Whether he followed through or not on this folly, we do not know.

  Another possibly relevant fact that emerged in my follow-up interview is that the witness lives about 20 miles south of Oak Ridge Labs Complex of K-25, Y-12, and X-10 and about 26 miles north of Watts Bar Dam and Nuclear Generating Station.* It looks like this guy lives at the center of some kind of high-voltage, nuclear hotspot. Being a high-energy area like this, located in a remote rural spot far from public view, might explain why UFOs would "cling-on" to this place.

  By the way, there were no strange marks on the witness's body after his episode of being unaccountably locked outside his house in his underwear. Enough said! Obviously this case bears watching. I may be doing a major update on this most untypical "Klingon" ship sighting case before long.

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4 articles parlant d'un Ovni en Australie filmé et photographié...
Proof? NT UFOs filmed on video


August 11th, 2009

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE: A still from video footage taken by Alan Ferguson of unidentified flying objects above his home in Acacia Hills.

BELIEVER: Alan Ferguson has started a UFO watchers website.

A TERRITORY UFO spotter says he has video evidence of UFOs flying in the Territory sky.

Alan Ferguson has been claiming for more than 12 months that unidentified flying objects have been circling above his home in Acacia Hills, south of Darwin.

And now he says he has the pictures to prove it.

Mr Ferguson captured the video about two weeks ago.

About 40 seconds into the video a small black object can be seen flashing on the left hand side of the screen.

A similar flash occurs two more times during the two-minute video.

"They move so quickly. They blink on and blink off - it's amazing," he said.

Pictures: Territory UFOs

Mr Ferguson has become something of a Top End celebrity since the Northern Territory News first revealed his UFO spotting exploits last year.

He has since appeared on the ABC's Stateline program and now has his own radio segment each Thursday night on Buzz FM.

Mr Ferguson, who turns 45 today, has also started a website in partnership with Tourism Top End - - in the hope that the NT's UFO sightings will help bring in more visitors from interstate and overseas.

He has posted the video on the website.

Acacia Hills UFO footage

"It backs up everything I have been waffling on about," he said.

"You wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it for your own eyes."
Top End promotes UFOs to boost tourism

13:30 AEST Tue Aug 11 2009
By Henri Paget, ninemsn

The plan is being spearheaded by local UFO hunter Alan Ferguson. (Supplied)

Northern Territory tourism officials hope to lure potential tourists to the Top End with the promise of UFO encounters.

The plan is being spearheaded by local UFO hunter Alan Ferguson, who told ninemsn he is developing a tour which will almost guarantee visitors a sighting.

"The Territory is a real hot spot for UFOs, and she has been for a long time," he said.

"They’ll have to be patient, but I’ll take tours at specific times, like during an air force or military exercise or an electrical storm … the chances then are very high."

Mr Ferguson, 45, has recently launched a website with the help of government-sponsored initiative Tourism Top End.

A spokeswoman for Tourism Top End told ninemsn they will help promote the tours in the hope of sparking a new influx of tourists.

UFO sightings happen more frequently in the Territory than almost anywhere else in the world, according to Mr Ferguson.

"It’s a different culture here. Territorians spend more time outside compared to city folk, so they’ve got more chance of seeing something," he said.

"Lots of people here do believe in them and I know loads of people who have seen them themselves."

Mr Ferguson said he believes the Northern Territory is especially attractive for UFOs because of its military bases and vast areas of uninhabited land.

"Some of what we see is probably advanced aircraft training exercises, but some of them move so fast and so strange they simply can’t be of this earth," he said.

"The speed difference between what we have and what they have is like comparing a scooter to a V8 supercar."

He said that UFO phenomena had increased dramatically in recent years, and the typical flying saucer model of spacecraft was becoming dated as new vehicles take to the skies.

"Some of them look like a bowl turned upside down, and others are an orange colour — the types of spacecraft are advancing all the time."

He said he is surprised more people aren’t asking questions about what’s "going on upstairs".

"If you do want to see something that’s bizarre and way out there, come to the Territory and keep your eyes on the skies," he said.
Alan Ferguson videos UFOs in Northern Territory

August 11, 2009 07:44am

BLINK AND YOU'LL MISS IT: The black object flashes on the left-hand side of the screen. Picture: Alan Ferguson

A NORTHERN Territory local claims he has spotted UFOs flying in the Territory sky and has posted a video as evidence.

Alan Ferguson captured footage of a small black object flashing above his home in Acacia Hills, south of Darwin two weeks ago, reports The Northern Territory News .

The footage has been posted on his website UFO Territory.

 Mystery object photographed in Perth skies

Mr Ferguson's video starts by showing nothing but a blue Northern Territory sky, but half-way through the footage a black object flashes on the left-hand side of the screen.

"What was that that just went past," Mr Ferguson says.


"Black, long skinny things just appear and then disappear."

Mr Ferguson, who claims The Territory is a UFO hotspot, created the website in partnership with Tourism Top End.

He hopes the sightings will bring curious visitors and hopes the state will become popular with UFO enthusiasts like Roswell in the US.
Oz man films flying UFOs

Published on : Tuesday 11 Aug 2009 13:08 - by, ANI

Melbourne, Aug 11 - ANI: A Northern Territory local has laid claims to spotting UFOs flying in the sky, and has even posted a video of the objects as evidence.

According to the Northern Territory News, Alan Ferguson captured footage of a small black object flashing above his home in Acacia Hills, south of Darwin two weeks ago, and has posted the video on his website UFO Territory.

Fergusons video starts by showing nothing but a blue Northern Territory sky, but halfway through the footage a black object flashes on the left-hand side of the screen.

What was that that just went past, quoted him as saying.

Daniel Dacey added: Black, long skinny things just appear and then disappear.

Ferguson, who claims The Territory is a UFO hotspot, created the website in partnership with Tourism Top End, and hopes the sightings will bring curious visitors. - ANI

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Red glowing U.F.O. flies across Worksop

Did a U.F.O hit Worksop last night?
Published Date:
11 August 2009
By Chantal Spittles

A WORKSOP man locking up his shed yesterday evening looked up to the sky - and saw a mysterious red object flying through the clouds.
George Chalmers, of Ambleside Grange, had just finished watching the 10 O'Clock News when he said he saw the object moving across central Worksop.

He immediately called his wife to look at it and said the experience was 'highly unusual' rather than scary.

"At first it looked like an aircraft on fire - it was emitting a really deep red glow," he said.

"But as a plane flies flat, this was moving at a perpendicular angle - the light was really unusual. It then moved really slowly across the sky but there was no engine noise. It was fascinating to watch."

Did you see this mysterious U.F.O. last night? Call us on 01909 543017 or click here to email us your pictures or story.
Planning for Sept. 5 UFO Festival in Exeter ongoing

By Meg Power
August 11, 2009 6:00 AM

EXETER — More events have been added to the schedule for the Exeter's first UFO Festival set for Sept. 5.

ufo fest

What: Face painting, drawing, crafts, author discussions, costume contest, reconstruction of an alien crash site, panel discussion with UFO experts, 1960s rock 'n' roll dance and more

When: Saturday, Sept. 5, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Where: Downtown Exeter

More info:

"Now we're just moving up toward the grand finale on the 5th," said the event's organizer Dean Merchant.

In addition to more events being added every day, the Exeter Board of Selectmen approved a permit for the festival during its Aug. 3 meeting.

The event will be held from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., in downtown Exeter. Some events scheduled include a UFO Children's Charity Art Show, chalk drawings downtown, face painting, UFO construction for kids using recyclables, alien crash site and debris field, children's story circle, an "E.T." costume contest, happy hour at Alien Café (Loaf & Ladle) and a 1960s rock 'n' roll dance.

Also scheduled are discussions with authors Kathleen Marden of "Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience;" Peter Robbins of "The Power of Ridicule vs. A Most Uncomfortable Truth: Why We Need to Take UFOs Seriously;" Peter Geremia of "September 3, 1965 'Incident at Exeter' and NH UFOs;" and Ted Loder Ph.D. of "The Disclosure Project: UFO Secrecy and our Future."

The most recent addition to the festival is the local band The Morlocks, which will perform at the rock 'n' roll dance set for Saturday night. The band originally formed in the 1960s and recently reunited. The band will play during the costume dance to close out the festivities.

"We came together in Reading, Mass., in 1964 and adopted the band name from the creatures featured in the movie 'The Time Machine,'" said Steve Gard, The Morlocks bass guitarist.

One member of the group back in its heyday went on to perform with the band Aerosmith.

"For the UFO festival we do plan to play a couple of Ventures tunes and dedicate them to Norman Muscarello who saw the UFO in Kensington and whose favorite group was the Ventures," Gard said. "In fact a couple of Ventures tunes were some of the first songs we ever learned to play together as the Morlocks.

"We are really looking forward to the festival and hope to see it grow in the years ahead," he said.

Merchant encourages participants to dress up as earthlings, hippies, or aliens for the rock 'n' roll dance. "I think it's a great way to close up the evening," he said.

The first annual event will be dedicated to the late author Bill Foster. The Portsmouth author of "The Black Triangle Abductions" was slated to speak at the event, but died suddenly in July.

Muscarello, the Exeter man who spotted the unusual sights in 1965, will also be remembered.

Before the dance, the adults can get together at the Loaf & Ladle to share or hear stories of close encounters, over some of Harpoon Brewery's UFO beer.

"If you ever want to hear someone's UFO stories," Merchant said, "(Ladle owner) Andy (Ulery's) the guy for it."

Although most of Saturday's events are free, there will be vendors offering a hamburger/hotdog stand sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Exeter and a booth selling commemorative T-shirts.

Being a free event does not mean putting on the festival has been without cost.

"We're still about $1,500 short of what we need to be in the black," Merchant said. That will either come through donations or T-shirt sales. "I think we will get that."

Merchant decision to put on the festival was bolstered by the popularity of other UFO festivals across the country and the Exeter Public Library's own success with the 25th anniversary celebration of the 1965 sightings.

"Everyone's tried to come up with an explanation, but they've never been able to do it," Merchant said in regards to the 1965 citings. "Exeter remains probably one of the top 10 UFO citings worldwide."

While Exeter — or "Roswell 2," as Merchant calls it — has yet to receive the recognition, there is hope the UFO festival could accomplish that.

"This could put us on the map; get us in the Guinness book," he said.

ufo fest

What: Face painting, drawing, crafts, author discussions, costume contest, reconstruction of an alien crash site, panel discussion with UFO experts, 1960s rock 'n' roll dance and more

When: Saturday, Sept. 5, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Where: Downtown Exeter

More info:

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