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Auteur Sujet: Cet Homme pourrait-il etre le premier a communiquer avec les extra-terrestres?  (Lu 2076 fois)

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Could this man be the first to communicate with ALIENS? Seti astronomer reveals how maths will translate extra-terrestrial language
- Dr Elliott has revealed to MailOnline a system for decoding alien language
- The Leeds-based professor says we are closer than ever to finding life
- Using his method he claims we will be able to translate a complex message
- This means we could reply to a simple 'hello' or receive information
- But he warns the more intelligent the message the more wary we should be

By day, Dr John Elliott is a professor in Computing and Creative Technologies at Leeds Metropolitan University.
But by night, his work takes on a more out-of-this-world nature – he’s devising the methods we'll need to talk to aliens.
Creating algorithms that can break down and understand languages on Earth, he says we could one day use his system to decode an extraterrestrial message

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