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si le Congrès ne le fait pas le peuple le fera

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ainsi peut-on lire dans les commentaires sous cette vidéo qui concerne un évènement qui aura lieu en avril et mai 2013 aux Etats-Unis inhérent à cette demande de "disclosure" et où des militaires et responsables politiques prendront la parole.

youtube - The Citizens' Hearing on Disclosure is Coming
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Audition publique devant des Membres du Congrès - du 29 Avril au 3 Mai 2013 :
National Press Club - 529 14th Street, NW, 13th Floor, Washington, DC - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Media Coverage:

The Hearing will be webcast in English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and will be archived in Mandarin. Webcast is accessed here.

Audience seating is first come, first seated. There is no admission charge. The room will be cleared for the afternoon session and a new audience.

The Citizen Hearing Committee is complete and the final group of witnesses is being assembled. The committee includes: Senator Mike Gravel (2 terms), Congresswomen Lynn Woolsey (10 terms), Carolyn Kilpatrick (7 terms), and Darlene Hooley (6 terms), and Congressmen Roscoe Bartlett (10 terms) and Merrill Cook (2 terms).

Collectively this Committee represents 76 years of service to constituents and the nation. Relevant Congressional committee service includes:

House Committee on Science, Space & Technology (3)
House Committee on Science, Space & Technology (Energy & the Environment Subcommittee) (2)
House Committee on Science, Space and Technology (Research & Science Education Subcommittee)
House Committee on Armed Services
House Committee on Armed Services (Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee)
House Committee on Armed Services (Sea Power and Projection Forces Subcommittee)
House Committee on Appropriations (Defense Subcommittee)
House Committee on Environment and Public Works (Environmental Pollution Subcommittee)

The pool of witnesses who will testify before this committee in sets of panels on various topics presently includes:
[Note: the panel schedule will be posted soon.]

Stephen Bassett
Sgt. John Burroughs (USAF, ret)
John Callahan (FAA, ret)
Grant Cameron (Canada)
Anthony Chionetti (Argentina)
Dr. Anthony Choy (Peru)
Peter Davenport
Richard Dolan
Maj. George A. Filer, III (USAF, ret)
Lt. Co. Richard French (USAF, ret)
Stanton Friedman (Canada)
A. J. Gevaerd (Brazil)
Dr. Steven Greer
Paul Hellyer (Canada)
Gary Heseltine (United Kingdom)
Linda Moulton Howe
Antonio Huneeus
Dr. Rodger Leir
Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr. (Col. ANG, ret.)
Denice Marcel
Jesse Antoine Marcel, III
Dr. Edgar Mitchell (USAF/NASA, ret.) (by Skype)
Sgt. James W. Penniston (USAF, ret)
Roberto Pinotti (Italy)
Nick Pope (United Kingdom)
Dr. Kevin Randle (LTC USAR, ret.)
Capt. Robert Salas (USAF, ret)
Col. Ariel Sanchez (Uruguay)
Col. Oscar Santa Maria (PAF, ret.), (Peru)
Donald Schmitt
Daniel Sheehan, JD
Dr. Sun Shi-Li (People's Republic of China)
Geoffrey Torres for Dr. Milton Torres (Maj. USAF, ret.)
Dr. Thomas Valone
Dr. Robert Wood

Note: the documentary, Sirius, which will premiere in Los Angeles on April 22, will have its Washington, DC premiere on April 29, at 8 p.m. at the National Press Club after the first day of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. The audience will be first come, first seated. There is no admission charge.

Paradigm Research Group
4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 202-215-8344

Source :

Hier soir, Stephen Bassett était invité par George Noory sur Coast to Coast AM (10 - 11 p.m. PST).

C'est aujourd’hui, l'audience sera diffusée en direct sur internet:


Citizen Hearing on Disclosure: April 29 - May 3, 2013


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