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Re : Revue de presse Russe et de l'europe de l'est
« Réponse #30 le: 28 mai 2010 à 13:36:50 »

UFOs Start to Appear in Moscow on Regular Basis

21.05.2010    Source: Pravda.Ru    

Lately, Russian media has been reporting on unidentified flying objects seen in Moscow skies. Recently a video was posted online showing a huge triangle 1.5 km wide soaring above the Moscow Kremlin. It was sitting above Red Square and shot by amateurs twice.

The video was widely discussed in foreign communities interested in ufology. According to a former UFO analyst of the British Defense Ministry, this is the most bizarre and unusual video of a UFO he has ever seen.

Russia Today: UFO halo in the sky baffles Muscovites (video)

On October 7, 2009 a strange round cloud resembling a saucer was shot above Moscow Ring Road. At first it was noticed above Leninsky Prospect metro station, which is in downtown Moscow.

According to employees of the independent group “Heritage,” the object probably wanted to provide encoded information that Earth is threatened by asteroids. On October 27, two days after the researchers presented at the 14th Ufology Conference, the media, referring to NASA, released belated information about a meteorite explosion above Sulawesi Island.

In the evening of December 21, 2009, a reporter of Komsomolskaya Pravda who was shooting the panorama of Red Square unexpectedly shot something that looked like a stick with six wings. He did not see anything while he was shooting and only saw it on his pictures, as it often happens with UFOs.

The “hero” of the shoot was identified by the chair of Ufology committee with the Russian Geographical society Michael Gernstein. “This is a skyfish, flying rod, or solar entitiy. Ufology websites are filled with similar pictures.”

Some hot heads stated that these are live beings unknown to science. Others think these are creatures that came from plasma world inhibited by souls and ghosts.

UFOs above Moscow are not a frequent event, but not exclusive one either. In winter of 1584, a cross-shaped object with a lit up bubble in the center was seen in Moscow sky in day light.

Ivan the Terrible, who was then the Tsar, came outside as soon as he heard about it to “see the miracle with his own eyes.” The witnesses said he watched it for a while and then said, his face pale, that it was a sign of his death. It was indeed his last year.

Fireballs are also frequently seen in downtown Moscow. On August 5, 1977, three fireballs were seen. One came down on Ivanovskaya square, another one disappeared in Tainitsky garden, and the third one flew into the Archangelsk cathedral.

It moved along an S-shaped trajectory because the entrance to the cathedral consists of two pairs of doors. From the entrance the fireball moved to the altar, banged against the Tsar gates and exploded. A black spot remained on the altar from the explosion. It is hard to believe that this was an accident.

Some scientists believe such phenomena to be signs of the future. But what do they indicate? Some extraordinary future events? Or, maybe, aliens are trying to tell us that they support us in tough times? We shall see.

Margarita Troitsina

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Re : Revue de presse Russe et de l'europe de l'est
« Réponse #31 le: 22 juin 2010 à 22:28:03 »

UFO Hacked Nuclear Codes

Russia and the USA were on the brink of nuclear war because of UFO attacks on military bases
where nuclear missiles were on alert.

Sensational documents and other evidence confirm that the Soviet military base near Byelokoroviche, Ukraine,
and the U.S. Air Force base near Minot, North Dakota, were attacked by aliens from space.
Hovering over the missiles, [in each incident,] a UFO in a matter of seconds hacked the codes required to launch them,
nearly unleashing a Third World War. Journalists working for Life found revealing documents about [the Ukrainian incident]
and located eyewitnesses to the alien attack.

For a 20-year-old radio operator, Vladimir Matveyev, assigned to the 50th Missile Division RVSN, Carpathian Military District, October 4, 1982
was a day that he will remember for the rest of his life. In the evening, he and a thousand soldiers and officers saw a UFO for almost an hour,
as it hovered over the R-12 missile silos.
It was unbelievable. Approximately one-and-a-half kilometers from us hovered an elliptical-shaped object,”
the former rocketeer excitedly told Life. “The dimensions of the UFO shocked us—as large as a five-story house!
Barely-visible lights flew up to the object. The guys [and I] were on our way to dinner when we all saw it! The UFO continued to hover,
slowly moving to the left, as if drifting. One officer tried to get closer to it in a car but the UFO flew away. The car’s [two-way] radio transmission
was blocked and we were later told that the vehicle was burnt. At this time all of the missile launchers malfunctioned.

The Report

In his official statement on the incident, Major Michael Katzman, who was responsible for the missiles’ guidance systems,
reported that the computer equipment and security systems had been disabled by a powerful [electromagnetic] pulse.
He wrote that all of the control panels had [suddenly] lit up, indicating the missiles were preparing to launch toward their strategic targets.

Former TsSBUiS [missile division] Chief Yuri Zolotukhin told a Life journalist, “I too was a witness to these events and also saw the UFO,
but could not reveal what had happened to the sensitive equipment because I signed a non-disclosure document [designed to] protect state secrets.

These events happened in the underground bunker where the missile control panels display the missiles’ readiness status.
[During the incident] the panels lit up, indicating that the missiles had gone to full combat readiness and were preparing to launch.
[Ordinarily] this is possible only after obtaining an order from Moscow. In this case, it happened by itself. The officers on duty at their battle stations
were shocked. [Figuratively speaking,] their hair had turned gray. They said that the information appearing on the control panels indicated
that all security measures designed to prevent an unauthorized launch of the missiles had been hacked!
Within just a few seconds, the launch officers had lost control over their nuclear weapons. Immediately after this occurred, the officers called Moscow.
The reply they got was that no order to launch had been issued. After 15 seconds, all of the controls reset to the normal position.

[Former] rocketeer Vladimir Matveyev says, “A few days later, a commission came to the base and interviewed the witnesses.
The guys gave them their drawings of the UFO. One of the officers swore on his [Communist] Party membership that he wasn't drunk.
A few days later we were lined up [for our morning inspection by our officers] and read an order from the Commander-in-Chief
of the Strategic Rocket Forces, designated number R010, which said, ‘If you see a UFO, do not panic and do not shoot.’
Then I realized why the officers who had their finger ‘on the button’ looked so old and had gray hair.”


A U.S. Air Force base in Minot, North Dakota, once experienced a similar incident, this Life journalist was told by American UFO investigator,
60-year-old Robert Hastings. He is the author of research on UFO activity at strategic nuclear facilities. Hastings personally spoke with
a [former] Intercontinental Ballistic Missile commander, [then] Lieutenant David Schuur.
Schuur told me that in 1966 he was involved in an event in which an Unidentified Flying Object repeatedly activated
[the launch sequence in his] missiles,
” says the ufologist.
Schuur told me that his missile guards had informed him that a big bright object was [moving from missile to missile].
When the UFO [hovered over] a [given] missile, his control panel indicated that it was preparing to launch.
This meant that somehow it had received a launch authorization. Every time that happened, Schuur had to manually
enter a launch ‘Inhibit’ command. The UFO seemed to be scanning the missiles [because various other functions were temporarily activated as well].
The next day, Schuur’s commanders said that there was nothing to discuss.

Source, le 16 juin 2010 :

Source de la gouglo-traduction et compléments de Robert Hastings, le 21 juin 2010 :

Recent Russian Newspaper Article Discusses UFO Incidents at Soviet and American Nuclear Weapons Sites
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Revue de presse Russe et de l'europe de l'est
« Réponse #32 le: 08 janvier 2011 à 12:33:51 »

Bonjour , je me permets te mettre ici ...
revue de presse du 25 novembre de Ria Novosti lien :

Moskovsky Komsomolets
"Alerte! Les OVNIs attaquent la Terre

Une armada de soucoupes volantes se dirige vers nous ! Ce scoop venant des dirigeants du SETI (projet international de recherche des civilisations extraterrestres) a été publié hier sur internet en générant un flot de commentaires contradictoires, écrit jeudi 25 novembre le quotidien Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Eh bien, voilà la terrifiante nouvelle : trois objets de très grande taille se dirigent vers notre planète à une grande vitesse en provenance de Saturne. Selon les calculs des chercheurs, leur atterrissage est prévu pour la mi-décembre 2012. Serait-ce la fin du monde annoncée ? Ne faisons pas de conclusions hâtives.

Le Moskovsky Komsomolets explique :

SETI veut dire Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence en anglais, soit Recherche d'intelligences extraterrestres. Le projet existe depuis 1959. Deux chercheurs, Messieurs Cocconi et Morrison ont avancé alors une hypothèse publiée par le magazine Nature et stipulant que la longueur d’onde de 21cm correspondant à l’irradiation du spectre d’hydrogène pourrait être universelle pour assurer les communications spatiales entre les créatures dotées d’un intellect.

En commentant le dernier scoop, certains experts du SETI affirment que le gouvernement américain ainsi que l’agence spatiale NASA sont au courant au sujet des soucoupes volantes mais qu’ils cachent la vérité à l’opinion publique.

Toutefois, le SETI donne des recommandations précises permettant de dépister les OVNIs sur la carte du ciel.

Les participants au projet affirment que les OVNIs sont parfaitement réels. Selon d’autres commentateurs, ne faisant pas partie du projet SETI, il y a effectivement des objets avec les coordonnées indiquées mais on ne sait pas si ce sont des soucoupes volantes. Il n’est pas exclu que ce soient des entités planétaires que des charlatans, abusant du programme sérieux du SETI, font passer pour un scoop impliquant des extraterrestres. Ce serait une façon rusée de détourner l’intérêt de l’opinion publique des problèmes économiques et politiques.

‘’ Imaginez seulement l’avantage qu’en retirerait Obama, écrit l’un des commentateurs. Il pourrait profiter de cette nouvelle pour justifier l’instauration d’un régime dictatorial et la création d’un gouvernement mondial unifié. Lorsque les OVNIs seront aussi près de nous que Mars, tout le monde saura qu’ils existent réellement, ce sujet deviendra récurrent dans les médias et il sera utilisé pour générer l’hystérie générale. ‘’

Quant aux chercheurs russes venant de l’Institut de physique Lebedev de l’Académie des sciences de Russie et ayant coopéré avec le SETI, ils déclarent ne rien savoir des aliens."

Ces textes tirés de la presse russe n’engagent pas la responsabilité de RIA Novosti

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Re : Revue de presse Russe et de l'europe de l'est
« Réponse #33 le: 08 janvier 2011 à 13:04:20 »

Salut psg76 !

Cette "info" qui évoque "certains experts du SETI" sans les nommer
aurait plutôt sa place dans "Medias & Désinformation"...
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