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Re : MUFON - Ufocasebook - UFO News
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Latest Alien encounters, new UFO sightings, crop circles, Hyperdimentional hexagons, UFOs on Demand

August 5, 9:50 PMSacramento UFO ExaminerGregory Brewer

Latest Alien encounters, new UFO sightings, Crop circle news, UFOs on Demand 6, Hyperdimentional hexagons and up coming event.

Greetings to our readers out there.
The article today covers some of the latest UFO sighting, an interesting topic and video on the existence of hyperdimentional hexagons on planetary surfaces and the possible relevance to an increase of geometric anomalies and messages that have appeared in the fields as well as on camera media around the world.
A special note on this one here will direct our readers to the latest UFOs on Demand video #6 where D. Clark shows us how he has been capturing Hexagons on his camera. Perhaps there is a message in the formations. We also wanted to mention the countdown to transformation conference with accompanying details, as well as the latest crop circle news with a suggestion and finally more UFOs on Demand. This one touches on a little sacred geometry.

Once again here are some of the latest UFO sightings and reports courtesy of UFO case book.

08-06-09- Russian naval official reports humanoids 50 meters underwater:
The objects were moving through water at over 420km/h, and divers 50 meters deep in a lake saw humanoids in silver suits.
Read more here:

08-06-09- Video and photos submitted from Mexico: Video and photos
Good day, I bring information on the white spheres. I want to show with photos and videos that these spheres can be at a low height, and often be seen near airplanes, helicopters, etc. I am sending photographs and video to show the various ways they differ in size and color. Also, they change shapes at times, which you can see in my photographs.
Read more here:

08-06-09- Photo of airplane shows unknown object over Colorado: Photo
I was in the backyard taking random photographs with my Nikon S630 camera, and after reviewing them later found this picture of the airplane along with another object.
I recall seeing the plane and intentionally took the photograph, but I did not see the other object. I should have been able to see it with such a clear blue sky, but the only thing I saw was the airplane. On this particular afternoon/evening I took about 350 photographs over the course of an hour.
Read more here:
Note on this one: According to D. Clark, who takes approx. 1000 photos per day, this is what is needed to produce UFOs and other unknown images on a daily basis.

08-05-09- Alien sightings reported in North Port, Florida : Video
NORTH PORT: Family members are scared to go outside at night because of what they say is lurking in the woods. They claim more than five alien encounters in the last four months have taken place. Now, an international UFO organization wants to crack the real-life X-file. The family expects another alien encounter during the next full moon.
Read more here [modération : page non trouvée] :

08-05-09- Unknown object / Helicopter photographed in Wordsley, England: Photo
You never know what the camera can pick up that the naked eye misses. One good friend who is in the Royal Navy tells me that humans can only see in a particular visual spectrum (not infra-red).
He explained to me that ETs have harnessed the capability of operating in Infra-red and other light spectrums that we neither possess nor understand.
Read more here:
Note on this one: This story also collaborates what D. Clark stands behind at the rate of 100’s of photos per day on average. See his videos on You tube.

08-05-09- Strange object or camera anomaly photographed over Mount Shasta: Photo
The Image reported to the UFO Casebook on the strange camera anomaly photo taken over Texas struck a cord with me.
The image date was 08-03-09.
I was just up on Friday with a few associates taking pictures of Mount Shasta, and captured the very same image. I passed it off as a photo I would keep to myself until now. I have heard that UFOs hang around volcanoes as well as other locations such as nuclear facilities.
Note on this one: I looked at this photo a number of times and knew what the other reflective images were on the window. I also noticed this image was far greater in clarity then the reflections that appeared. I have three separate images with this anomaly.
In addition there were other oval objects taken that day that appeared over the mountain.
Read more here:

Hyperdimentional Hexagons

Richard C. Hoagland is a former space science museum curator; a former NASA consultant, and during the historic Apollo Missions to the Moon, was science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News.
This is a great interview on the Coast to Coast radio show conducted by George Norey. We felt it very interesting after having done a little investigation on sacred geometry due to the geometric images we have been capturing on our camera. The same type of Sacred geometry appears in physics experiments as we discovered after attending a lecture by David Sereda who is currently working on future propultion systems and more. David Sereda has noticed unique geometric patterns In the mathmatics of his discoveries which he claims is not a coincidence or accident. This is also a segway into the topic of crop circles which often reveal sacred geometry within the message. There’s something of increasing importance and value here.
modération :la vidéo n'est plus disponible

Latest Crop circles reported August 3rd of 2009

The following crop circle news is brought to you by the courtousy of Crop Circle Connector.

Circle #1 Reported from Silbury Hill, nr. Avery, Wiltshire. [modération : page non trouvée]
Not much remains of this crop circle due to the farmers reaction to rude circle investigators.

Circle #2 Reported from Rollright Stone Circle, nr. Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. [modération : page non trouvée]

Here is a suggestion by some of our investigative readers and enthusiasts concerning crop circles.

Some of you out there have made a point that these crop circle hoaxers should not give up. They should however change their tactics. Instead of trying to fool the public they should consider the implications of returning communication with those entities that are leaving messages in the fields. The truth is that what ever species is responsible for the real messages and geometric designs in the fields may quite possibly be responding to those hoaxers in the assumption that we humans have chosen this method of communication. The hoaxers have a great opportunity here. Is anyone out there interested in such a project to return the communication back at them?
Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Upcoming events

Contact countdown to transformation

Dispositive proof of contact with interstellar civilizations will be presented, including updates on recent major CSETI contact events along with supporting electromagnetic, audio, and video confirmation.
October 24-26, 2009
Rio Rico, Arizona.

Go here for more information:

UFOs on Demand #6

This following video of UFOs on Demand 6 from D. Clark shows images of sacred geometry captured of digital media which may have messages contained within as do crop circles. There may be something to these phenomena.

UFOs on Demand 6
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Re : MUFON - Ufocasebook - UFO News
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UFOs in formation over Florida converge into a single light

August 7, 3:27 PMUFO ExaminerRoger Marsh

Witness photo from the August 5, 2009, Florida case. MUFON database.

The UFO Traffic Report for Friday, August 7, 2009, includes 13 selected sightings over 12 states, according to witness statements filed in the past 24 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If MUFON investigates and reports back on any of these cases, I will update this page. The following reports and their headlines are unedited. You can read my selected cases by type of UFO report at the UFO Traffic Report index page [modération : page non trouvée].

FL, August 5, 2009 - moving lights and fireball. MUFON Case # 18502.

Witnesses at Florida's Grayton Beach saw what first appeared to be airplanes or helicopters, due to their formation. But the objects soon began moving "sporadically and then multiplied into about 9 lights and also a sort of 'bobbing' orange light. As they moved across the sky they went from 4 lights to 6 to 9 then to 1 large fire ball that streaked with trailing sparks and then they all disappeared and the fireball left a 'smoke' trail." By the time they took a photograph, the objects had merged into a single light - just barely visible in the photo at the top of this page in the cloud cover.

NM, August 5, 2009 - Very large bright orange lights lighting up to the eastward like Knight riders front bumper. MUFON Case # 18512.

Two brothers out coyote hunting 15 miles north of Roswell saw "a horizontal string of lights around 10,000 ft up and around 60 miles away near Ft. Sumner area." They described the lights as very large and very bright orange and "square/oval shaped." The lights were visible for about 35 seconds and they disappeared. Five minutes later, a "fighter jet" was seen scrambling to the area.

AZ, August 5, 2009 - a ball of light bounces upward then flys off seconds later helicopters chase after it. MUFON Case # 18509.

This Arizona witness "saw a ball of green light toward A-mountain on the west side of town bouncing from left to right very fast" and moving upward and away at a high rate of speed. Seconds later, "five military helicopters" moved toward the object.

OK, July 15, 2009 - Orange glowinging sphere in the clouds. MUFON Case # 18507.

An Oklahoma witness driving to work noticed "a glowing orange sphere dropped out of the clouds." The object moved in and out of the clouds several times and then disappeared into the clouds. As there was lightning activity in the area, the witness wonders if it was ball lightning.

OR, August 5, 2009 -  it had no was silver cylinder it casted no reflection from the sun. MUFON Case # 18506.

A Oregon witness noticed an object in the sky that had no wings, was silver, and silent. The cylinder-shaped object seemed to be traveling like a missle and disappeared into the horizon.

HI, August 5, 2009 - Two reddish round balls flew across the sky. MUFON Case # 18503.

This Hawaii witness "noticed a moving light coming from the north, and it stayed in my sight as it continued in a straight line at a high altitude across the heavens and gradually disappeared from view, toward the south." Then a second another object came into view "following the same path. Neither object produced any sound. The object's "size appeared like a planet, maybe, and the warm color seemed more glowing than flashing."

PA, August 5, 2009 - We saw a red light dart across the sky, turn around, rotate to show a white light, and dart in the opposite direction. MUFON Case # 18501.

A Pennsylvania couple driving along Route 173 south toward Grove City "saw a red light in the sky at the top of the hill near the intersection of George Jr. Rd." At the top of the hill, they noticed the red light again as it moved from west to east. "It slowed and then began to turn as it ascended for a banked 180 degree turn. As it was turning, a white light appeared on the left side of the craft as if it were rotating clockwise to set itself up to speed off. It then moved very rapidly to the West." The wife said she could see "the shape of the craft similar to a "stingray" as she put it, or similar to the Stealth Bomber. She also thinks, but is not sure she saw a blue light on it as well. I only saw a red light on the right side and a white light on the left side."

TX, July 24, 2009 - walking our dog in the evening before bedtime. MUFON Case # 18500.

One Texas witness saw "a bright white glow (like a halogen light) even with the roof line of the house." The object "was glowing white light, looked like a dinner plate with blue lights around the edge" and moved southeast toward a red light in the sky. A second witness saw a "white light moving in a southeasterly direction. Movement was not like any know aircraft or animal or balloon. It is more a wobble that a floating flight pattern." Both witnesses "observed flashes of light resembling lightning going to and from light." They also report "an interruption in wireless internet at the onset of the episode."

GA, August 4, 2009 -  3 red balls of light in triangle formation, and slowly faded away one at a time from left to right. MUFON Case # 18499.

A Georgia witness saw three red lights in the sky and thought it was a C-130, but feels that the lights were too far apart and it lights were hovering in one spot. The lights stayed on for about 60 seconds, and then one-by-one, they each faded away. There was no sound.

SC, August 3, 2009 -  Several orange glowing objects entered the atmosphere at a high rate of speed, then came to immediate halt, formed a line, turned into "air-plane lights" then dissapated. MUFON Case # 18498.

IA, August 1, 2009 - very faint, white balls, three of them in V or triangle shape, hoverd very high. MUFON Case # 18497.

Three witnesses at Pickard Park in Indianola, Iowa, saw three "white dot" lights in the distant sky in a triangle formation. "We watch the three balls for about 15 to 20 mins before we just seemed to loose sight on them. The strangest part of this all was that the balls seems to get slightly closer and further away very slowly changing the angles between the three balls but always keeping a triangle shape, as though they were all connected by somthing unseen."

NM, July 11, 2009 - semi-translucent 6' x 6' ululating wave. MUFON Case # 18493.

A New Mexico witness had just pulled out of a driveway and was just 200 feet away from home traveling at 15 mph "when the SAME object was caught in my headlights - same size, still "ululating" like a wave w/ a tinge of the dark red color, crossing the dirt road in front of me by about 25 ft again, this time heading north towards the BLM (Bureau of Land Mgmt property) into the darkness." This is the second sighting of the same "semi-translucent 6' x 6' " wave." The original report is MUFON Case # 18056.

NJ, August 4, 2009 - Sphere shaped brite object above the horizon at the sea shore. MUFON Case # 18492.

Photo: Witness image. MUFON database.

A New Jersey witness at the Belmar boardwalk taking pictures of the ocean at sun rise noticed later that two photos included an unusual light - "a round object out there in the sky." The photographer does not know what the object is.

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Re : MUFON - Ufocasebook - UFO News
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MUFON Star Impact Project UFO cases revealed

August 7, 11:06 PMUFO ExaminerRoger Marsh

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has listed cases it is currently investigating as part of the STAR Impact Project (SIP), according to the recently released July 2009 MUFON Journal.

The SIP program is funded by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) where MUFON is subcontracted to gather and report back on the UFO phenonema. The SIP team has been operational since April 2009.

STAR stands for Strike Team Area Research.

A Dispatch Team works around the clock now to monitor cases as they come into MUFON case management system from the public.

As more information is available on each of these cases, a story will be produced here.

The SIP deployed cases for May include:

MUFON Case # 16421. Location: Scammon, Kansas. Investigator: Debbie Ziegelmeyer. Date of event: April 4, 2009. UFO Examiner original story. The witnesses in this case are a mother and her 17-year-old son. (Sorry: we originally reported it here as a father and son.) At 1:23 a.m. they were pulling out of their driveway and "a huge bright light came up above the tree line to our north." The large orange light above the trees was so bright that they could not make out the shape. They attempted to drive near it, but it moved away. They described the object as "a huge mobile home in the sky with the back of it having large bright orange lights brighter than any light I have ever seen." One photo was taken on their cell phone, although the witnesses said the object was much closer than it appears on the photo.

Witness image from MUFON Case # 16421, Scammon, Kansas.

MUFON Case # 16539. Location: Pasadena, Maryland. Investigator: Norm Gagnon. Date of event: April 16, 2009. UFO Examiner original storyUFO Examiner follow-up story. A man was awoken at 3 a.m. to the sound of what he thought was a street sweeper. The sound was described as "a very dull humming like a electrical transformer." Looking out a window, the witness said he "could make out this very seemingly large shadow or just black diamond boomarang shape looking thing drifting over the tree line and the humming." There were no visible lights.

MUFON Case # 16720. Location: Phoenix, Arizona. Investigator: Charles Modlin, Vicki LeBlanc. Date of event: April 28, 2009, at approximately 10 p.m. MUFON Case # 16721. Location: Glendale, Arizona. Investigator: Charles Modlin, Vicki LeBlanc. Date of event: April 28. MUFON Case # 16726. Location: Marana, Arizona. Investigators: Charles Modin, Vicki LeBlanc. Date of event: April 28, 2009. UFO Examiner original story for these three cases. Three Arizona stories. Same day. Same region. Two witnesses watched large, amber-colored lights - one followed the lights in his truck and saw them touching ground. A third witness described three white strobe lights forming a triangle - the size of a football field - moving toward a major airport.

MUFON Case # 16814 and MUFON Case # 17097. Location: Marathon, Texas, Brewster County. Investigator: Jeremy Ray. Date of event: April 22, 2009, about noon. UFO Examiner original story.  Two Texas witnesses were driving when a light moved through the car near Marathon.

MUFON Case # 16818 and MUFON Case # 16819. Location: Fallon, Nevada. Investigator: Christine Dickey and Paul Dickey. Date of event: May 7, 2009, about 9:30 p.m. UFO Examiner original story. These two cases involve a couple who witnessed boomerang-shaped UFOs. They were driving in the desert when they noticed three objects in the sky in a formation, and one of those objects moved to ground level and disappeared while the other two continued. They gave chase and eventually parked their car and shone a spotlight on one of the crafts as it silently hovered nearby.

MUFON Case # 17163. Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky, Warren County. Investigator: Barry Guant. Date of event: May 26, 2009. A woman opened her back door to let the cats in when she noticed a very bright object in the sky that was changing shapes and shooting light out from itself at various points.

MUFON Case # 17125. Location: Buffalo, Oklahoma. Investigator: David MacDonald. Date of event: May 18, 2009. UFO Examiner original story. An Oklahoma witness feeding horses at a remote ranch first noticed very low and slow moving lights approaching. The witness noticed distinct detail to the lights, but could not make out a shape of the object  - and then it appeared that the craft was slowing down completely - reaching a nearby dirt road and crossing over some power lines. The witness ran from this coral area to a nearby pick-up truck - and looking back at the lights - estimated that they were about 150 feet away and had stopped completely and were hovering. The object looked like a single craft and was somewhere between 25 and 50 feet across.

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Re : MUFON - Ufocasebook - UFO News
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Trouver ce jour sur Mufon latest reports

Je ne post que ceux qui ont des photos.

Mufon 18528
admn : image indisponible

I was taking pictures of the sunset reflected on the clouds in the eastern sky. When I downloaded the pictures, I noticed this ball and other possible similar shapes in the picture. I have watched the sky in sucessive nights and seen what appear to be round objects blinking on and off as they change direction and move around in the clouds. cannot see them as they move, only when they blink.

Mufon 18525
admn : image indisponible

Murrysville, PA: August 6, 2009 at 3:54 AM.
I had been asleep on my couch in the livingroom since we've seen so many UFOs from that room, which is surrounded on 3 sides by mostly windows. We live in a quiet, heavily wooded rural area, with not many houses, in a bowl-shaped valley near the top of a really high hill (or small mountain). My sister and niece from Colorado were at my vacation place at the river.
Since the first night here last Thursday night when my niece witnessed an orange-ish/red ball of light whiz past the window, she doesn't want to stay here anymore. I admit, I was home UFO hunting that night since being called by a guy in Irwin, PA who's filmed a Replicating Star-like
UFO dropping orbs on several nights. Replicating UFO 2009
He saw it again this night. I also saw a moving star-like"dot" about 30 degrees on the east side of my house on the 3rd around 11 pm, that responded to my laser pointer by increasing in size from a dot to the size of a nickel at arm's length in a split second! I should've started filming before doing so, because after I started filming, it didn't respond to it again and continued traveling south, fading out. Also 'busted' the UFOs pretending to be planes--finally caught them doing something weird--a white orb shot INTO one--caught on film, will post that also on Youtube today hopefully. A blow up from that one revealed non-plane structures too.

Anyway, back to the story. I had only been asleep for about 2 hours. I awoke to a high-pitched "heeeeeeee" sound (not very loud, but I'm a light sleeper) and looked out the front window to see a craft with flashing lights not far above the treeline on the other side of the valley. The valley is approximately 500 feet to highest trees. It was travelling from East to West. Even though I didn't have my glasses on, I grabbed the HDR-XR500 Sony camcorder off the coffee table and ran to the patio door and opened it. The screen door was also closed and I did a face plant right into it, ripping the screen! Started filming from the deck in same spot as my other videos. Never heard a sound from the other UFOs and wondered what this was. Since I've filmed several other triangle type UFOs around here, I figured I'll find out when I blow up some stills from the HD video, which is posted on my YouTube channel:
youtube - TRIANGLE UFO again-August 4, 2009 E of Pittsburgh PA USA
modération : l'utilisateur a supprimé cette vidéo

I've uploaded some stills here.
There is a structure under the red light and a pole-type structure holding the upper white light that
defies a conventional craft explanation. Also, since it was travelling to the right, a GREEN right
side navigation light should have been visible. The right side white light has a small red ball light
on it instead. I also just heard from someone in Toledo, Ohio who said they saw the exact same thing at around 1:30 AM this morning (August 7th). By Altoona, PA also--80 miles east of here.

The cat had been next to me on couch but ran downstairs and hid for the rest of the night.
It usually likes to go outside to hunt, but has been wanting to stay inside and sleep downstairs
lately. I find it unusual for a 7 year old cat to change her habits like that. Thunderstorms were
the only things that would scare her into hiding downstairs before.
Nothing was turned on previous to the sighting so nothing strange detected there.
The camcorder worked, obviously, except for some autofocus & manual focus problems
when first filming (cut those out of video). The video would have been longer if not for those.
The 'heeeeee' sound on video is almost like cicadas sound and sounds different than what my ears heard.

You guys on the Star Team should bring some high tech equipment here and camp out while this area is still hot with sightings. A 24-hour watch--especially at night, should bring you some good sightings of your own within a week. Weekdays seem to be best. Never any sightings to speak of on the weekend nights, usually. You can "bust" the fake plane UFOs here--but hey, they might be in your neighborhood too.

Mufon 18519
admn : image indisponible

27 AUG 08
I was leaving work around 12:25 pm, 27 Aug 08, Ellington Fld, Houston, TX-- I was going home to evacuating from hurricane Gustav.

I notice this object, as I was at the top of I-45 over pass going south towards Pearland, TX. I slowed down to get a closer looked at this object- it was suspended 12’ to 14’ above Dixie Farm Rd. I looked for cables or something that it could be hanging from, but nothing, it was stationary in sky on its own. I drove under it and kept going. I looked in my rear view mirror and it was still there, I know, I was not the only person that saw this object. The sky was clear –‘Blue Bird Day”, something came over me- (Traumatized), I carry a camera with me all the time, which I use with my job. It’s funny; I never thought about stopping and calling 911 or take a photo of the object.
When, I first saw this object, it looked like a surveillance probe; cylinder with dark windows around the top, the object was 3 to 4 feet in length, approx 10 inches in diameter. The object was stationary in a vertical stance and never moved-NO NOISE- I heard about UFO Probes before, when I got home I told my wife about what I had saw. The sky was so clear it would have made a great clear photo or movie… I called my brother-n-law and told him what I had seen. He said he saw something like this on Discovery Channel... that the FBI and have.
This photo is the area where the probe was seen and the photo of the probe is one that I made on Photo-shop to show what I had seen. This is not the original photo of the probe…but is of the location and what the probe looked liked. I’m an aircraft inspector and been around aircraft for forty-two years,Twenty-two in Air Force and Twenty with NASA--still working... I have seen two UFO’S in my life time. One last year in Trinity Bay will I was fishing and one over Arizona in 1974, from a airline.... Both were disk shape. The one I saw over Trinity Bay was a glow- orange moving away from me slow an in seconds it disappeared.. One in Arizona was dancing all over the desert flood and sped off much the same way, both sightings were in day light.

Mufon 18516
Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV)

Estaba fotografiando nubes con mi camara digital y mas tarde me di cuenta de que en una de esas fotos se podía observar como un disco desplazandose en una nube de tormenta. Mi avistamiento fue posterior a lo ocurrido, por que solo noté el objeto ya obtenida la foto con el zoom digital de la cámara.
Aparentemente se parece como un disco que se precipita diagonalmente sobre una nube del tipo cumulonimbus, y se puede observar como un rastro o halo de vapor que va dejando atrás. No reconozco que sea un ave o algún tipo de avión.
La cámara digital con la que se tomó la fotografia era nueva. No hay en la region ningún tipo de aviones tipo jets o a reacción.

Coordenadas geograficas donde se obtuvo la fotografia:
Latitud 27°21'13.94"S
Longitud 55°53'49.42"O
El objeto fue visto en la dirección Norte.

Especificaciones de la cámara: Olympus X-775

El suceso fue ocurrido en la ciudad de Posadas (capital), Provincia de Misiones, Argentina

PD. Espero que tengan en cuenta la información dada y que me notifiquen los resultados

MUFON at Yahoo! Groups
MUFON at Yahoo! Groups
Mutual UFO Network - UFO News

Last Updated: Sat, 08 Aug 2009 05:53:42 -0400

Video: Fox News UFO Story/UK Telegraph UFO photo
*'Hannity' Investigates America's UFO Obsession*
08/03/2009 12:16 PM

California UFO cases/UMKC Campus UFO/Possible Elementary School Land
California UFO cases share common witness testimony Several related 2008 UFO reports from the same region in California may be the same craft, according to one
08/02/2009 10:38 PM

Crop circles re-appear near Wilbur, Washington
*Crop circles re-appear near Wilbur, Washington** * [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
08/02/2009 10:34 PM

DEEP SECRETS OF A UFO THINK TANK EXPOSED! by Anthony Bragalia [Non-text portions
07/31/2009 02:07 PM

Read this online at Definitive History of UFOs Published Rochester, New York - July 29 (Keyhole Publishing Co.). A comprehensive,
07/29/2009 04:04 PM

Russian Navy UFO records say aliens love oceans
Russian Navy UFO records say aliens love oceans [Non-text
07/27/2009 01:04 AM

Triangle UFOs back in the skies over four states
Triangle UFOs back in the skies over four states The triangle-shaped UFO reports are back in the news with four reports in four states today, according to
07/25/2009 09:10 PM

Videos: Buzz Aldrin on Mars Moon Monolith and Obama Press Secretary
*Buzz Aldrin Reveals Existence of Monolith on Mars Moon* *UFO White House Press Secretary Gibbs Asked When Will We
07/25/2009 08:49 PM

A dozen silent UFOs cross Ohio skies
A dozen silent UFOs cross Ohio skies The UFO Traffic Report for Wednesday, July 22, 2009, includes 10 selected sightings over 8 states, according to witness
07/23/2009 11:58 AM

Washington MUFON chief investigator launches new UFO study web site
Washington MUFON chief investigator launches new UFO study web site Washington State Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Chief Investigator James E. Clarkson has taken
07/23/2009 11:55 AM

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Re : MUFON - Ufocasebook - UFO News
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Los Angeles/California UFO sighting reports August 2009

August 8, 4:18 AMSanta Monica City Buzz ExaminerJ.S. Mael
modération : l'image ne peut être affichée

Ufo disc or just camera reflection?

There has been a lot of great recent stories for readers curious for information about all things out-of-this-world recently.   It all seems like such a fantastic subvention for what we are offered in our "real lives" - work, politics, sports, financial reports, technology or the latest revolutionary upheaval - UFO enthusiasts, to name one of the many "out there" type, keep clicking along.

Occassionally (or not), there are unidentified flying object reports that, for the most part, go completely un-noticed by local media here in the Los Angeles area.  Usually, there is a good reason why this is the case.  In July of 2009 there were about 50 UFO reports made to the Mutual UFO Network.  Sure - lots of these can be written off as junk, joke or to simple logic, but there is the stories believable enough to keep the interest alive, kind of like that one beautiful chip shot I had on the 8th hole in Camarillo last week will keep me playing golf (happens every year).

Here is a report for some recent California reportings to MUFON, but also keep in mind, these are unedited, unverified and only represent a small representation of UFO sightings, many of which may go forever unreported:

White colored UFO disc like shape that wasn't visual to the human eye but available to a camera seen 08/03/09:

I was in my den looking at the beautiful sun set in the clear sky. I look at my wife to tell her what a wonderful night it was. Thats when i decide to go grab my camera and race outside to snap a few pictures to keep as memories. When i was taking a picture of the sunset my eye shifts to the moon in the south-east of the sky. I decide to take a picture. Once the picture is captured in my camera i view the picture and I notice that in the upper conner I notice that I caught a light besides the moon. I tell my wife i found a UFO. Right after I take another picture to make sure that there is nothing wrong with my camera and to reassure my self. I rush to my office and download the pictures into my computer. There it was i noticed that the UFO had distanced between the two shots it had traveled in the speed of light.

Comet / flying object fragments, seen 08/03/09:

Hollywood over Los Angles california , 10:02 pm, exactly

sitting with mom in back patio. my viewpoint i could see the back wall and a frame of sky.
saw an intense fast moving streaking object/fragment of light ? another piece broke off of it
and that piece fell downward and went out of sight instantly. the main piece continued and went out of sight instantly
happened within a fraction of one second.
comet, or craft/ cloaking/ disintagration/ commercial satellite breaking up /?

i was startled and scared. jumped up to look at it, said to mom instanty "wow!!"

jumped up and was amazed. comet or something. i instantly thought ufo cause i was studying them.
looks like a comet.  big one! fast! powerful !

dont know what else to say. it was silent. seemed very large. not like a comet from any observations i had before, which were tiny and pitiful, and not as fast.

The object was blinking like a strobe light with a pattern of approx. one light then three seen 08/06/09:

Earlier tonight around 10:20pm I was taking my dog out and was looking around my backyard which has a great open view of the sky with not too much light pollution. I noticed a very bright orb looking object in the North that seemed to appear out of nowhere and then it shot up in a diagonal route from bottom right to upper left. It was so incredibly fast I can't even tell you anything more about it. Once it got going it just seemed to disappear in the sky. My Dad told me it might be a meteor, but from what I have seen of meteor's they fall at a downward angle and this moved at an upward angle. I didn't notice any effect on my dog when the object was overhead, but again it was so fast I barely had time to truly see it.

Later I was inside watching television. From where I was sitting I had a direct view to the backyard. An object was flying through the sky with what appeared to be bright white strobe lights. We have many airplanes/helicopters (military, commercial and private) that fly around here, so I am very familiar with their light patterns and the colors of their lights. I immediately called the attention of my parents who also saw it. My Dad, who has an interest in airplanes looked at it and said it wasn't like any plane he had ever seen before. We took some binoculars to the backyard and watched the object. It was moving North/Northwest towards the city of Rancho Cucamonga/Ontario and was approx. 3 degrees above the horizon.

When looking at it through the binoculars we could see that the only color lights the object had were bright white. The lights flashed in a strobe light manner and the pattern appeared to be one or two lights, three lights and then nothing. When the lights stopped, no object could be seen. I was unable to see a shape of what the object may have looked like, unfortunately. I continued to ask my Dad what he thought it might be and he couldn't figure it out either.

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Re : MUFON - Ufocasebook - UFO News
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Nevada teenagers encounter multiple UFOs and missing time

August 8, 7:10 PMUFO ExaminerRoger Marsh

Fallon, Nevada, corn fields. Wikipedia image.

A Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) report by STAR Team Manager and SIP Project Coordinator Richard Lang details the May 7, 2009, case of two Fallon, Nevada, teenagers who witnessed multiple boomerang-shaped UFOs, chased them, and experienced lost time.

Christine Dickey was the lead case investigator with investigator Paul Dickey for MUFON Case # 16818 and Case # 16819. The UFO Examiner first reported this story on May 8, in UFO Traffic Report: Couple has close encounter in Nevada desert.

According to the report, the two teenagers – one male and one female – were alone in their car near the Fallon Naval Air Station at 9:18 p.m. when they encountered odd lights in the sky to the east. Three boomerang-shaped objects were seen with five lights on each.

They said that each object had one light at its center, one in the middle of each side, and one at each end.

While they watched the three objects, one of them separated from the group, shut off three of its five lights, and appeared as though it would land or crash. At this point, the two witnesses decided to give chase. After driving 3 and-a-half miles, one of the objects moved closer to their vehicle – about 100 yards away and just 20 feet off of the ground – and began to pace it. And a second object positioned itself behind them. At this point, they accelerated from 30 to 50 miles per hour, but the objects kept pace.

The witnesses observed that the objects were about 50 feet across, but they could not estimate their thickness. They drove five more miles, stopping where the road came to a dead end. They turned their vehicle around at a dairy farm’s private drive, and stopped next to an irrigation canal.

The first object was now circling 50 feet above them, while the second object was still behind them at about 50 feet off of the ground.

The female witness described the craft’s main body as “silvery, but when it banked and turned it appeared to be transparent and she could see the stars through the hull of the craft. She described the crafts as being shaped almost like a horseshoe, having two rear ends with red glowing elements.”
The male witness used a million-candle spotlight from his truck to shine on the craft above, using his hand to shade the light back-and-forth to produce a “signal.” The object overhead then responded by descending from 50 feet to 20 feet above them.

At this point in the report, the witnesses have a lost time period. Their next recollection for both of them was driving home, where the male witness recalled that he looked into the rear view mirror and noticed that one of the objects was a “considerable distance” behind them, and then it disappeared.

The witnesses reported that they had been parked near the irrigation canal for only about five minutes, but after they worked through the time sequence with investigators, it appears they were at that location for as long as an hour and 20 minutes.

One odd event at the scene involved a broken iPod in the vehicle. During the event, the unit began playing music, but after the event, they realized it was back to its original and broken state. Additionally, they reported that there were no sounds during the incident coming from any of the nearby farm animals. And no insects were seen or heard during the event. During a demonstration with investigators at the scene, moths could be seen near the spotlight and flying insects were seen above and near the canal water.

Both witnesses arrived at their Fallon homes at 11 p.m. and reported the encounter to their parents. The male witness returned to the scene about an hour later with his father. At this time they were able to observe the area “being combed by helicopters and black SUVs with dark windows” and apparently military personnel with flashlights walking the area. The helicopters were using spotlights to search the ground from the air. The two decided not to approach the group.

The Public Affairs duty officer at Fallon Naval Air Station on May 14, 2009, confirmed an “unspecified aircraft incident” on May 7, 2009, between midnight and 1 a.m.

Fallon is primarily an agricultural community and is the county seat in Churchill County in western Nevada with a population of 7,536. While the area is arid, there are 50,000 acres of irrigated farmland where the principal crop is alfalfa. Route 50 is the main road in town and Fallon is the western most city in the “Loneliest Road in America,” a stretch of Route 50 famed for its remoteness. Eastbound travelers must drive 110 miles to the next town – Austin, Nevada. Naval Air Station Fallon is a significant employer.

Naval Air Station Fallon or NAS Fallon is the United States Navy's premier air-to-air and air-to-ground training facility. Since 1996, it has been home to the Naval Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN), and the surrounding area contains 84,000 acres of bombing and electronic warfare ranges. It is also home to the Naval Strike Air Warfare Center (NSAWC), which includes TOPGUN, the Carrier Airborne Early Warning Weapons School (TOPDOME) and the Navy Rotary Wing Weapons School. Navy SEAL Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) training also takes place here.

Lang’s report appeared in the July 2009 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal. Mark Easter is the Nevada MUFON state director.

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Re : MUFON - Ufocasebook - UFO News
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UFO crowd descends on Denver

By Kirk Mitchell
The Denver Post
Posted: 08/09/2009 01:00:00 AM MDT

Caludine Provenza of Houston smiles in a cutout Saturday at the Mutual UFO Network Inc.'s four-day convention in Denver. The group, celebrating its 40th anniversary, is a UFO research organization. (Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post )

Dallas hypnotherapist John Gilliland usually hypnotizes people to help them stop smoking or deal with depression.

On rare occasions — about seven times — he has hypnotized people to try to help them remember traumatic details of reputed alien abductions, including women allegedly used as incubators for alien offspring.

He was one of 325 people from across the country and Canada attending a four-day conference of Mutual UFO Network Inc. at the Marriott Tech Center Hotel.

"I want to learn more about it," Gilliland, 69, said Saturday. "I believe it's true. I have never seen a UFO myself. I wasn't sure what it was all about."

What it isn't, is a tongue-in-cheek convention of Trekkies or costumed attendees donning pointy tinfoil caps.

"This is the largest civilian UFO research organization in the world," said MUFON treasurer Barry Roth, a national account manager for Hertz. "A lot of the presenters have doctor in front of their names. Nobody is dressed up as a Vulcan."

One of the presenters, nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, criticized the "pseudoscience of anti-ufology."

"There are a number of demonstrably false claims which have been put forth such as there is no evidence, one can't get here from there, governments can't keep secrets, if aliens were visiting they would want to talk to me or land on the White House lawn," Friedman said.

John Ventre, the Pennsylvania and West Virginia director of MUFON, told conference attendees about a spike in UFO sightings last year in Pennsylvania in which more than 300 people reported star- or boomerang-shaped UFOs, setting off a media frenzy.

Ventre said he was among a group that included six police officers and military personnel who saw a bright light that darted silently overhead.

"I don't know what I saw," he said. "It was something metallic that went across the sky."

He said federal aviation authorities captured a large object on radar, confirming one sighting. Scientists found traces of metallic probes from a woman's yard after she and others saw a UFO.

According to a bumper sticker on a car outside the Marriott, though, someone at the conference apparently did find humor in the topic of UFOs.

"Buckle up: it makes it harder for the aliens to suck you out of your car," the sticker said.

Kirk Mitchell: 303-954-1206 or

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Re : UFO : Revue de presse anglo-saxone
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Hottest UFO sightings reports and images from another reader

un article de Gregory Brewer pour "", le 8 août 2009:
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"En ufologie, il faut savoir tout envisager mais surtout ne rien croire"
-Aimé Michel


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Re : MUFON - Ufocasebook - UFO News
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Mutual UFO Network Meets In Denver

Aug 9, 2009 6:02 pm US/Mountain
Ericka Lewis

This picture, thought to be a UFO, turned out to be Jupiter.

CBS Apparently Colorado is
a popular place for Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Last year there were 150 reported sightings in the state. The people who investigate those sightings and UFO sightings worldwide spent this weekend in Denver.

About 400 people gathered in the Denver Tech Center to talk about the unexplained. For 40 years the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has been investigating UFO sightings in Colorado and around the world.

"We investigate with the FAA. We investigate with the military; any kind of flights out there. We look at wind direction. We take a very scientific approach and at times we just come up with 'we don't know what it was,'" Barry Roth with MUFON of Colorado said.

Members say although most people who report sightings believe they have seen a UFO, 80 percent of those sightings can be explained.

An example is a photo taken in Denver. A bright light, coupled with a lens flare, turned out to be the planet Jupiter. But many others -- the remaining 20 percent -- remain a mystery.

Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman is the author of four books on UFOs. He says in more than 50 years of doing investigations, there are still a lot of misperceptions on this subject. He's says his work is based strictly on facts.

"I don't buy anything first time around," Friedman said. "I try to get rid of the mythology and replace it with facts.

Only 7 percent of UFO sightings are believed to be reported. MUFON encourages people to report any unusual sightings to their Web site. They say reporters can remain anonymous and ask for one of their investigations.
UFO Symposium wraps up

posted by: Sara Gandy written by: Thanh Truong     5 hrs ago 

DENVER - The 40th anniversary of the International UFO Symposium wrapped up on Sunday. For three days, speakers, researchers and everyday people discussed and reviewed what organizers say is evidence of extra terrestrial.

They are convinced that those unidentified flying objects are from out of this world. The challenge, they say, is convincing the masses.

"Is that going to happen any time in the future? I don't think it's going to happen any time in the future barring a great independent state ship landing or something like that and having it on film. Barry Roth of the Mutual UFO Netowork said. "I think we have our work cut out for us."

Roth says this year's symposium was smaller than in the past. More than 300 people attended the three day symposium, about 200 less than the previous year.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is based in Fort Collins. Roth says Colorado consistently ranks among the top five states for UFO sightings. He adds that the San Luis Valley is a hot spot for sightings.

To learn more about MUFON visit

(Copyright KUSA*TV, All Rights Reserved)

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Re : MUFON - Ufocasebook - UFO News
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Two Arizona witnesses describe same Orange Sphere ejecting smaller sphere

August 10, 4:47 PMUFO ExaminerRoger Marsh

Two Arizona witnesses - one a Boeing 777 pilot - spotted from the ground what appears to be the same red-orange sphere that emits a smaller sphere and then disappears, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

We are waiting on confirmation from Arizona MUFON that these are two unrelated witnesses at two separate locations, but the testimony here appears to be coming from independent witnesses.

The following is the unedited statements made to MUFON on August 10 for this August 9 event.

AZ, August 9, 2009 - Bright Red Sphere moving slowly N/E then dropping smaller sphere. MUFON Case # 18583.

An Arizona witness "saw a very strange bright red light" in the northern sky that was moving northeast "at a very slow rate."

While the object seemed to "flicker at times," the witness said it "mostly was just a solid red/orange glow." The object then flashed a little, and "a smaller sphere (same color as first) dropped from the first sphere and slowly descended to the ground." The witness lost sight of the smaller object as it dropped over the horizon, and the larger object began to move again slowly in a northwest direction, then ascended briefly, "flashed bright white and dissapeared completely." The object appeared to be about 5 to 10 miles away and about 4,000 feet off of the ground.

AZ, August 9, 2009 - Watched slow moving red -orange spere of definite solid almost perfect sphere/ball shape moving in easterly and then north westerly direction. A second sphere fell from it. After two intensely white flashes some distance beneath it, it disappeared! MUFON Case # 18577.

This Arizona witness is a Boeing 777 airline pilot who was star gazing in his backyard. He saw a "bright red almost orange red light" in the northeast sky moving in an easterly direction. He said there were no FAA required lights on the object and it was silent. Through binoculars "it had definite solid spherical qualities like a solid red ball. It did not flicker and glow like a flare." And at times, "appeared to have a red spike protruding below it? Suddenly, a second smaller ball of the same color appeared to either fall from it or fly from it. It went straight down towards the ground very slowly directly beneath the first ball of light until we lost sight of it on the horizon." Then suddenly, "there was a split second intensely bright white flash some distance beneath the first orange ball. The orange ball appeared to flicker? A few seconds passed and I saw a second bright white flash and then without warning the orange ball flickered and disappeared. I could not tell if it dematerialized or disintegrated or simply shot off so fast that I could not see it, but one second it was there and then the next it was gone."

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Re : MUFON - Ufocasebook - UFO News
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UFO activity reports, latest crop circles, hollow earth expedition, reader’s photos, coming events

August 10, 3:20 PMSacramento UFO ExaminerGregory Brewer

Greetings to our readers out there. Today’s article covers an array of entertaining information from the latest UFO activity, latest crop circles, updates on the hollow earth expedition, images of UFO’s from readers and upcoming events.

The latest UFO activity reports are as follows:

08-11-09- Allegedly UFO transported down Dallas
This one has been getting some press. It’s allegedly pictures of a UFO on the back of an 18-wheeler going down I-20. A man called the local radio station 97.9 the Beat, claiming that he took the pics and there were several government cars following the flatbed which was carrying the massive UFO.
Read more here:

08-11-09- Unknown objects observed over Colorado…....Photo
A plane was approaching the Alamosa airport directly above the horizon ahead, when I noticed two bright lights floating high above it. They were white, spherical, and high in the sky. I pulled over to watch them. They shifted positions, but always stayed the same distance apart as they moved north, then to the southeast towards me. They seemed to move lower, then simply disappeared.
Read more here:

08-11-09- Reports of flying saucers hovering over Whitchurch
UFO hovering over our house.’
“We both looked out the window and saw a saucer with light underneath, bright colors. It stayed there for about five minutes. I was so shocked I didn’t get a photo of it. We have now set up a camera and a telescope just in case it comes again. We saw it really well in detail and feel very lucky.”
Read more here:

08-10-09- Two Nevada residents encounter UFOs and missing time:
“While they watched the three objects, one of them separated from the group, shut off three of its five lights, and appeared as though it would land or crash. At this point, the two witnesses decided to give chase. After driving 3 and-a-half miles, one of the objects moved closer to their vehicle – about 100 yards away and just 20 feet off of the ground – and began to pace it.
Read more here:

08-10-09- Unknown objects videotaped over Buenos Aires, Argentina...... Video
The two videos below show the filming of 2, dark spheroid objects as they flew over the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 1, 2009.
Read more here:

MUFON: Current UFO reports

Latest crop circles  

Once again, as is typical for the area, a few more crop circles have appeared in Wiltshire and Hampshire.
In our last article we made some inquiries of our readers to find out if anyone of you out there had experimented with responding to crop circle messages using a crop circle message.
We discovered very interesting results from that inquiry which we will post on our next article.
Until then check out these new circles.
More details at Crop circle connector  [modération : page non trouvée]


Another UFO image from one of our readers:

This image was sent to the Sacramento UFO Examiner from fellow reader Daniel. The photo was taken in Elwood Indiana.

Up coming events

Workshop in Petaluma CA and World Puja Radio Show August 14
Dr. Steven Greer - Contact: The CSETI Experience
Sunday, August 30, 2009 - Petaluma, CA
See the details here: [modération : page non trouvée]
Also as mentioned in our previous article under upcoming events

October 24-26, 2009
Rio Rico, Arizona
You are invited to join us for 3 days and 3 nights under the stars to celebrate ET CONTACT in the beautiful desert outside of Tucson, AZ with:
See the details here:

Hollow Earth Expedition update:

We received the follow email from Dr. Brooks Agnew and the Hollow Earth Expedition staff.

Hollow Earth List Members:
On August 8, 2009, I received this update from our expedition leader of
The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition, Dr. Brooks Agnew:

Call to action. The window for the North Pole Inner Expedition has arrived. We must marshal our resources and launch the voyage. Last year we had an idea that we could approach a larger charter company and get a 500-passenger ship to bring more people to the Arctic region to explore for the legendary opening. That plan did not work, as the Russian government would not allow any ships to sail north of the Siberian Islands. Only Russian ships can sail north of the 81st parallel. We are heading for the 86th parallel.
We also have noticed a horrendous collapse in the global economy, so investors are not backing great adventures like they do when times are good. So, here is the plan. We have a widget. That is a special little micro-site. Go to and get the widget. Click SHARE and place it on your Facebook Profile page. It’s simple and effective and free.
Please do this today. Once the charter funds are accumulated, we will immediately book the ship. We will then begin the process of developing the crew of 100 passengers from the thousands of applications we have received. We cannot rely on governments. We must not rely upon investors. This is the people’s voyage. We want you to be a part of history, and we promise we will bring back all the data and stream live from the ship. Here are a few things to reassure you we do not have much time. It doesn’t matter if you’re wealthy or not. This is going to affect you. Help the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition immediately by following the instructions above.
Dr. Brooks Agnew
We still find the idea of a hollow Earth something to ponder more so then the existence of UFO’s. Perhaps it’s the lack of exposure and research to the subject. In any case the idea has many people scratching their chin. Many stories have been uncovered from people who have claimed to have been to a strange land where the inhabitants had great technologies. These inhabitants stood much taller then humans and they claimed to have been on Earths surface thousands of years ago, as if they were our ancestors. Some of the claimed witnesses were creditable Air force pilots who described a wondrous land beyond belief.

See the video presentation from Dr. Brooks Agnew on the Hollow Earth Expedition below.

The Sacramento UFO Examiner
The North Pole Hollow Earth Expedition
Shape-shifting UFO moves over Minnesota

August 10, 8:16 PMUFO ExaminerRoger Marsh

The UFO Traffic Report for Monday, August 10, 2009, includes 11 selected sightings over 8 states, according to witness statements filed in the past 72 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If MUFON investigates and reports back on any of these cases, I will update this page. The following reports and their headlines are unedited. You can read my selected cases by type of UFO report at the UFO Traffic Report index page [modération : page non trouvée].

Illustration by witnessin MN case from August 9. MUFON database.

MN, August 9, 2009 - Saw black object cylinder shape changed to boomerang, triangle, s, disc, and sphere. MUFON Case # 18566.

A group of Minnesota witnesses watched a shape-shifting object in the sky.

"It looked like a big black hanger drifting and floating. It would erratically change shape from a hanger like boomerang to a triangle and then back to a boomerang. It would undulate and become disc-shaped and then elongate into a cylinder with a big sphere on the end."

They said that the object would have been visible to a Southwest Airline jet moving overhead at the same time. The group speculates that it "could have been some sort of cylindrical balloon. I could see light through it as if it was segmented when it was 's' shaped. It floated off past the line of trees and out of my line of sight."

IN, August 9, 2009 - UFO Sighting off of 465 and Ditch Road. MUFON Case # 18584.

An Indiana couple driving near Route 465 and Ditch Road saw a motionless light in the sky that first appeared to be a helicopter or flare. But then the object "darted downward or north east extremely fast." They want to rule out shooting star, because the object remained in one position "for at least 10 seconds" before darting away.

WI, August 9, 2009 - Invisible object seen travelling through clouds, leaving cloud trail behind it. MUFON Case # 18574.

This Wisconsin witness could not see an object in the sky, but instead reports "something moved out of the clouds at a high speed and made the clouds trail behind it, like a con trail. In fact, I saw the cloud trail forming behind the "object", but never saw the object." Additionally, "the object moving 4-5 times (at least) faster than a normal airplane, it made a 80 degree, sharp turn. The whole thing took less than 3 seconds and was completely silent. There were other breaks in the clouds, so I kept looking to see if the "object" continued its movement, but could no longer see it anywhere. It was as if it vanished."

MI, August 6, 2009 - a bright orange circle appeared. it seperated into two, then leap froged across the night sky for a few seconds. it then reappeared and split into two again. MUFON Case # 18573.

A Michigan family at Lake Huron saw "a large orange light or fire ball just over the lake. it split into two then leap froged across the night sky. it was around 10:30pm or so. after about 5 min or so it vanished. it reappered twice that night, but only for a few seconds." Two planes that appeared to be "fighter jets" and one helicopter moved into the area - circling the area for about an hour.

CA, August 8, 2009 -  2 Circular lights, one white, one red, separate because the red one moved towards the white back and forth. MUFON Case # 18567.

Two California witnesses at Irvine watched two round objects at the "height of a plane." They report that the "one on the left was white and seemed stationery and the one on the right was red. The red one kept moving like a back and forth motion towards the white one."

CA, January 6, 2009 -  It had a light that traveled acrossed it with red dont blinking at the bottom. MUFON Case # 18565.

A California student with a group of friends report "a giant disc with a light that traveled across it" with "a red blinking dot" at the bottom. The silent object was just 100 feet in the air and traveling at an estimated 5 mph.

CA, July 11, 2009 -  ufo's observing windsurfers. MUFON Case # 18561.

This California photographer stopped to take photos of wind surfers - and later noticed two disc-shaped objects in the photo. Is this really something unusual, or are we looking at birds here shot from just the right angle? The witness photo was cropped and reduced in size. The first object can be seen, although the second object in this reduced version is a little tough to see, but appears to be more distant.

CA, August 7, 2009 - 2 sightings. MUFON Case # 18559.

This California witness first noticed a star-like object at about 40,000 feet moving across the sky. Fifteen minutes later, the witness "heard a distinct and somewhat painful high-pitched sound" and looked up to observe a flash of white light - shaped like a missle - moving soutwest to northeast "at extremely high rate of speed." The object was estimated to be at an altitide of just 500 feet. The object moved through the witnesses' field of vision in one second. The object "seemed to leave a translucent ring trail that glowed for several seconds after the rod/missile passed. I would estimate missle to be 100 ft. in length. Not a meteor, as missle and ring trail were very distinct in shape. Only sound observed was a high-pitched sound and some pain in my left ear."

AZ, August 7, 2009 - Cluster of 6-7 bright lights. MUFON Case # 18534.

An Arizona witness saw a cluster of six to seven lights in the sky about the size of a fist at arm's length.

CO, August 7, 2009 - Multiple bullet shapes all in a row; orange. MUFON Case # 18533.

A Colorado witness said an "extremely fast object shot across the sky" that was described as "probably 7-8 bullet shaped orange items all in a row. They almost looked like one object, not individuals - although it moved so fast I couldn't be sure. It just seemed to disappear as quickly as it appeared. It did not fade away. It just vanished."

TX, August 5, 2009 - 3 bright white light's evenly spaced pulsating then strobbing or ripple effect. MUFON Case # 18530.

A Texas witness noticed three bright white lights moving slowly to the south, but then "the lights began to pulse in unison and then started to strob or a ripple like effect like a police car." The three lights never moved, "like they were part of a solid object," and appeared in a triangle shape. The witness watched the object for about three minutes before it disappered from view.

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Re : MUFON - Ufocasebook - UFO News
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Stealth-like UFO over Texas described as 'upside-down Frisbee'

un article de Roger Marsh pour "", le 12 août 2009:

EDIT dificultnspa
Je me permets de complèter et citer l'article posté par MV car le contenu est largement plus important que le titre ne le laisse supposer. ;)

Stealth-like UFO over Texas described as 'upside-down Frisbee'

August 12, 9:37 PMUFO ExaminerRoger Marsh

File photo by Kathleen Marsh.

The UFO Traffic Report for Wednesday, August 12, 2009, includes 9 selected sightings over 8 states, according to witness statements filed in the past 48 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

In Other News: An object was reported to have crashed into Sylvan Lake, Minnesota, on possibly July 27. According to the Country Messenger [modération : page non trouvée] , a "credible witness" reported that "a helicopter or some other craft had crashed into the lake." The Washington County Dive Team and Scandia Fire Chief Jim Finnegan responded to the scene. Finnegan said that the witness saw a "big splash on the lake as well as large waves and swirling water." No helicopter or any other air craft was found.

Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If MUFON investigates and reports back on any of these cases, I will update this page. The following reports and their headlines are unedited. You can read my selected cases by type of UFO report at the UFO Traffic Report index page [modération : page non trouvée].

TX, May 15, 2009 - the belly of the craft illumined light reflection of ballpark lights as it flew overhead. MUFON Case # 18610.

This Texax witness is starting to re-think odd disappearances and reappearances of stars in the sky after spotting "the underbelly of the craft enough so that I could make out it's shape." The witness said the lights of a nearby ballpark were enough to illuminate the object. It was described as having a "stealth-like surface in that it was not shiney" and a "curvature of that of an upside-down frisby, so that the edges were not hard angled, but curved up slightly. There was nothing shiney, nor were there any lights from it. There was no sound heard from it. Had the park lights not been lit, I would not have seen it at all." In the past, he had noticed "stars 'dissappearing and reappearing', which I had concluded that perhaps it was caused by a flock of I am not so sure about that reasoning. It could be the disks flying overhead."

TX, August 11, 2009 - Triangular or diamond shape moving across the sky - changed direction once - no lights. MUFON Case # 18613.

A group of Texas witnesses saw a "diamond or triangular moving shape in the sky" with no lights "but it seemed to blocking out the starlights behind it." The object appeared to be "very high in the sky." The witness said the "only illumination seemed to be a very faint reflection from the surrounding ambient light. It took a turn to the southwest and we continued to watch as it moved across the sky. It continued on to the southwest and we lost sight of it when it was at about 30 or 40 degrees above the horizon. It just got too faint to see."

NY, August 8, 2009 - brightest light. MUFON Case # 18601.

A New York witness was in bed when the bedroom suddenly lit up so bright that he had to put his hand over his eyes to block out the light. There was no noise associated with the light, which went off a few seconds later and the witness went back to sleep. The next day, the witness was looking at his trees, grass, and shrubs on the property, and noticed that the "tree is burnt to a crisp." None of the branches were broken, and no burn marks, "but every single leaf is burnt. I picked up a leaf and crushed it in my hand, to dust."

CA, August 8, 2009 - Triangle three white lights one red flashing in center, no noise. MUFON Case # 18594.

A California witness saw a triangle-shaped craft "with three white outer lights and a flashing red center light just above the redwoods." The object then disappeared past the tree line over the ocean.

NE, August 10, 2009 - Yellow-orange star-like object move in a straight line across the night sky with no sound. MUFON Case # 18593.

A Nebraska witness "saw an orange-yellow bright object moving in a straight line across the sky from the West to the East." The silent object was described as "a bright, star-like circle or sphere." After observing the object for about one minute, "it began blinking a reddish-orange light, but this was not visible until it was quite a distance away, leading me to believe the blinking light was located directly on top of it."

MD, August 5, 2009 - Triangular shaped orange lights. MUFON Case # 18590.

A Maryland witness near the White Marlin Open Tournament observed three lights in a triangle formation of a Ferris Wheel. After about 20 minutes, the lights faded out.

IN, August 9, 2009 -  Very bright light through trees got camera ran to view saw bright light go west.. MUFON Case # 18588.

An Indiana witness was getting interference on his satellite television reception and stepped outside to see if a storm was approaching, but it was a clear night. Through the trees, he saw a bright light and then moved closer to get a better look. The witness then reports the "bright light moving away at great speed toward the west" toward Kokomo. The light was described as "vivid red inside, blue and white aura outside." The object made no noise, and when first observed, the light was so bright it was hard to look at.

NJ, August 8, 2009 - Watched unidentified object flying erratically and very fast while on the beach and then shot off at "warp speed" and disappeared. MUFON Case # 18586.

A New Jersey witness at Sandy Hook saw a small, dark object in the sky - about the size of a pea held at arm's length. It was hard to make out the shape, but the witness says it was round, disc, or sphere shaped and moving erratically in the sky. The object eventually moved away at an extreme speed.

TX, August 12, 2009 -  black triangle with dim lights. MUFON Case # 18627.

Three Texas witnesses near Ft. Hood saw a "dark triangle shape with a dim light in all three corners." The object was silent.

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MUFON alien abduction research committee launches Omega Three study

August 13, 8:37 PMUFO ExaminerRoger Marsh

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Abduction/Experience Research Committee is launching the first of four studies it will conduct over the next few years - Omega Three.

Participants in the study are being recruited through an advertisement in the MUFON Journal as well as through OPUS.

The Journal ad states that MUFON is looking for "abductees, contactees and control group participants."

From the ad: "If you believe you have been abducted or had contact with an alien entity we need your help. We are also looking for those people interested in participating that do not believe they have been abducted or had contact for inclusion in the control group.

Those interested in participating should contacct Lester Velez, co-chairman and assistant state director for MUFON in northern California at or at 408.268.2837.

The following was written by co-chairman Robert B. LeLieurve.

For 40 years the Mutual UFO Network has undertaken the scientific study of Unidentified Flying Objects. In the main these investigations focused on sightings, physical traces, and other forms of observable events or effects.

In 2008 MUFON extended its mission into new avenues, one of which was the systematic study of the abduction phenomenon. The Abduction/Experience Research Committee, consisting of 12 individuals from a variety of scientific and professional disciplines, was charged with developing a comprehensive research strategy and program. The committee is chaired by Lester Velez.

Over the course of months the committee identified several possible studies it might conduct. Omega Three is the first of four studies to be conducted over the next several years. The committee as a whole is conducting the study, but two psychologists, Robert B. LeLieuvre, Ph.D., and Michael Freeman, Ph.D., are serving as the principal investigators. The study is being conducted under MUFON's auspices, and is funded by MUFON, which has allocated $2000 to cover the costs of preparation of materials and mailing of survey packets.

Ring and Rosing (1990) conducted the first study of individuals who reported UFO encounters, comparing them to a second experimental group, individuals who reported Near Death Experiences. Both these groups were also compared with two control groups --- individuals who had an interest in UFO encounters, but no direct experiences, and individuals who had an interest in the near-death phenomenon, but no near-death crisis. They found a great degree of similarity between the UFOErs and the NDErs. Both groups reported childhood experiences with alternate realities and psi phenomena, as well as histories of abuse and trauma. The combination of the above led to a dissociative style in times of heightened stress. Moreover, there was a discernable pattern of psychophysical and attitude-belief-value changes, similar for both groups of experiencers.

LeLieuvre, Larson, and Remington (2008) replicated some of the Ring and Rosing findings, but did not confirm the abuse-trauma-dissociation pathway. Ring and Rosing did acknowledge that the UFO experimental group was not homogenous for a type of UFO encounter. Rodeghier, Goodpaster, & Blatterbauer (1991) also argue that the lack of homogeneity among subjects might account for the different findings on a number of personality characteristics and personal style patterns often reported --- for example, encounterers, including abductees, are found to be fantasy prone in some studies and not fantasy prone in other studies, etc. Both sets of authors have called for a comprehensive study of abductees, comparing them with a matched community control group. This is the study now under way. It seeks to discover what, if any, psychological antecedents lead to sensitivity to and experiences of alien contact; it also seeks to discover what the long-term consequences of contact are.

Participants are being recruited through an advertisement in the MUFON UFO Journal, as well as through OPUS. All individuals who agree to participate sign an informed consent document, complete a demographic and experience qualification form designed to allow placement in the experiencers or the community control group, and complete a research survey packet, including the eight instruments used by Ring and Rosing, as well as the Persinger and Makarec (1991) Personal Philosophy Inventory. The plan is to recruit 100 abductees/experiencers and to compare them to a sample of 100 community control participants. Once the data are analyzed, a manuscript will be submitted to a UFO journal or to an applied psychology journal.

Any person interested in participating can contact Lester Velez at


LeLieuvre, R. B., Larson, T., & Remington, H. (2008). Ring's “Omega Project” revisited: Antecedents and consequences of UFO encounters and alien abductions. MUFON UFO Journal, 479, 8-11.

Persinger, M. A., & Makarec, K. (1991). Psychometric differentiation of men and women by the Personal Philosophy Inventory. Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, 12, 1267-1271.

Ring, K., & Rosing, C. J. (1990). The Omega Project: A psychological survey of persons reporting abductions and other UFO encounters. Journal of UFO Studies, 2, 59-98.

Rodeghier, M., Goodpaster, J., & Blatterbauer, S. (1991). Psychosocial characteristics of abductees: Results from the CUFOS abduction project. Journal of UFO Studies, 3, 59-90.

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a 1min 28 j'étais persuadé qu'il s'agissait d'un montage synthèse ???

Quel post et quelle vidéo ?

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Texas witness follows triangle-shaped UFOs

August 14, 6:41 PMUFO ExaminerRoger Marsh

A McAllen, Texas, witness saw a "strange aircraft" hovering in the sky, decided to follow it, and had three sightings of a triangle-shaped object that also seemed to change shape, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

At the first encounter, the witness says the object "had a blinding light pointed at my car that resembled the spotlight from a helicopter."

He decided to follow the object.

He drove until he saw that it stopped and was hovering. At this point, he noticed that it "seemed to be in a triangular shape with lights on the edges and bright lights on the 3 corners. The lights blinked in an odd sequence and in multiple colors."

When the object moved again, he followed, until it began to hover again. At this point he noticed "the aircraft changed to camouflage perfectly in the sky; it seemed as though I was looking at a star. "

The craft then turned its lights back on and moved away again at tremendous speed into Mexican air space. But 20 minutes later, the witness saw another light hovering next to a radio tower that appeared at first to be a helicopter. On closer inspectcion, the witness said it was the same shape as the first object. Then driving away, the witness noticed a "third craft hovering next to another radio tower just a few miles east of the second sighting. This craft resembled the previous 2 in light patterns and flight."

McAllen is the largest city in Hidalgo County along the southern tip of Texas in an area known as the Rio Grande Valley, population 106,414.

TX, August 14, 2009 - Hovering triangle craft flys fast and changes shape above McAllen, TX before disappearing into Mexico. MUFON Case # 18656.

Just today, August 13 2009, at about 9:30pm I witnessed a strange aircraft hovering above Ware Rd. and Dove. It had a blinding light pointed at my car that resembled the spotlight from a helicopter. This particular aircraft however did not have the signature lights a chopper would so I followed it.

Photo: Route 83 in McAllen, Texas. Wikipedia image.

It begun to move north at the speed of a jet airplane; I followed behind northbound on 29th off of Dove. When I approached Lark it was already passed 5mi and decided to hover.

It was at that point, looking from lark and 29th, that I could tell it was no chopper. This aircraft seemed to be in a triangular shape with lights on the edges and bright lights on the 3 corners. The lights blinked in an odd sequence and in multiple colors.

It seems this aircraft masks itself as a chopper but from certain angles its cloak is rendered useless. To get a better view I turned westbound on Lark as It decided to travel west as well. As I turned north on Ware Rd. the aircraft seemed to change shape slowly. I turned west again on Trenton off of Ware rd. to follow the aircraft that seemed to be hovering further south west from Trenton and Ware Rd. Once I came within what seemed to be a mile of the aircraft on Bentson and Trenton the aircraft changed to camouflage perfectly in the sky; it seemed as though I was looking at a star. Within the same moment the craft's lights came back on and it started moving southbound and so did I. This craft was moving so fast there is no way in hell it was a chopper, at least not one I have ever heard of. By the time my car traveling at 45mph reached 4mi line the craft was clear into Mexico and hovered until it either disappeared or landed.

20 min later, 9:50pm, I spotted a second aircraft hovering just next to the radio towers on Dove in between 23rd and 10th St. Being within 200yrds, I thought the craft clearly resembled a chopper for sure. By the time I approached the canal eastbound I could see in my mirror that it was no chopper; It was the same type of aircraft from before. I hit my breaks and turned into the parking lot just west of Gold's Gym to get a better look at the craft traveling south west from that point. Why would a chopper hover right next to a radio tower in low viability? They wouldn't. What was that craft doing? Was it government or something else? Why did they fly off into Mexico?

I was finally traveling East on Fern off of 2nd St. and had a 3rd sighting, this time at a distance. I saw a third craft hovering next to another radio tower just a few miles east of the second sighting. This craft resembled the previous 2 in light patterns and flight.

None of the 3 crafts were flying in a point A to point B pattern as a chopper would, police or otherwise. These crafts few as one would for a joyride or sightseeing. Cloaked as a chopper at that. Any explanations?

Anybody who has lived in McAllen, TX as long as I have knows you will never see 3 choppers flying within the same 30 min and within a few square miles of visibility.

I feel as dumb as those cooks that come on TV saying they saw a UFO. I make fun of those guys; now I am one.
Orange orb UFO moves over Arizona town

August 14, 8:24 PMUFO ExaminerRoger Marsh

Arial view of Maricopa, Arizona. Wikipedia image.

The UFO Traffic Report for Friday, August 14, 2009, includes 8 selected sightings over 7 states, according to witness statements filed in the past 48 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If MUFON investigates and reports back on any of these cases, I will update this page. The following reports and their headlines are unedited. You can read my selected cases by type of UFO report at the UFO Traffic Report index page.

AZ, August 13, 2009 - Large, stationary red/orange ball of light seen hovering around outskirts of Maricopa town. MUFON Case # 18667.

An Arizona witness driving south on Highway 347 near Maricopa, "noticed a large, bright red/orange orb of light hovering above the town, to the south west."

The witness pulled over and noticed that the object was stationary, and then decided to drive into town and toward the location of the light. The witness located the object again and was "stopped just a little west of the intersection of 238, Green Road, and W. Smith Enke Road, with the light appearing just to the south west, approximately at W McDavid Road and White Road. Then the light disappeared. The witness then continued to drive to locate the object and noticed "in the direction of where the light had been, and I saw on the ground something that looked like a portion, or top, of the red/orange light--only it appeared to be mostly BELOW ground level and surrounded by many, smaller white lights. They were not blinking, but there were many of them, spanning a very large distance."

The next day the witness went to the same location, did not see anything unusual, but did notice "it's very possible the many white lights I saw last night were from the Dairy. But what the heck was that huge red light?"

ID, August 13, 2009 - multi color lights looks pure in color almost like plasma. MUFON Case # 18664.

An Idaho witness woke up his wife at 2 a.m. to look at a light in the sky that was "very plasma like in nature" and described as a "welding light but much more colorful." The couple said the object was "darting around in weird movements almost like it was trying to spell out something or signal type movement."They said the light being emitted "was so intense you couldnt always make a form."The man's wife also noticed "other much lighter colored objects" that were "doing fly bys at increasing speeds and could be seen flying out of atmosphere in different directions" over a 45-minute period.

AZ, August 13, 2009 - Two, large, bright, yellowish brown lights close together, one slightly to the right, and above the other. MUFON Case # 18658.

An Arizona witness northbound on I-10 coming in from Tucson noticed "two bright yellow/orange lights in the sky to my left (that would be looking west)."

Photo: Witness image was cropped and enlarged for this page. MUFON database.

The lights would "linger" for a while and then disappear, and then reappear again. The witness pulled over four different times to shoot both video and digital still pictures of the objects, but then became scared and drove home.

MA, March 15, 2009 - Lozenge-shaped grey 500 ft high slow speed, straight trajectory. MUFON Case # 18652.

A Massachusetts pilot saw a "lozenge-shaped object, dull grey in color, moving north to south in a straight trajectory.The object rotated clockwise at approximately 6 rpm, was dull grey, "maintained altitude, direction, speed, and rotation so precisely that I question if it was a balloon of any type. It did not follow surface wind direction, but I did not know the winds aloft at that time. There were no surface features or lights visible. The surface seemed very smooth, and the dimentions of the object were approximately 5' x 2' and shaped very much like a oblong cough lozenge." The observation was three minutes.

OH, August 12, 2009 - Triangle of lights. MUFON Case # 18651.

An Ohio couple out watching the recent meteor shower saw an "almost shrouded configuration of three dull amber/brownish lights in the north east sky, and they seemed to be pretty low in altitude. It resembled the effect of some one shining three muted lights in a triangular pattern on a low and overcast sky." They ran into the middle of the street for a better view and "watched the triangular pattern steadily move from east to west to finally be obscurred by a large tree in our yard."

IL, April 12, 2009 - Triangular UFO with 4 dim, non-flashing lights traveling from N to S; no noise. MUFON Case # 18635.

An Illinois couple out watching a meteor shower and looking toward Cassiopeia noticed something moving in the sky almost overhead. The object was "triangular in shape and moved very smoothly with no noise. It did not change directions. There were 4 dim, non-flashing lights on the bottom of it; one in each corner of the triangle and one in the middle. The lights illuminated enough of the bottom to make out the shape. It seemed very low in the sky to me."

SC, August 11, 2009 - 2 objects, largest one w/ rotating lights. MUFON Case # 18633.

A South Carolina witness saw what at first appeared to be a twinkling star. As the object came closer, the witness "could see that the lights were actually rotating around the object. The lights were red, green, blue, yellow and white. The object never got close enough to make out an actual shape, but from the way the lights rotated it appeared to be round at the edges. At that point it stopped briefly, but after a few seconds it began to go back in the direction it had just came from." A second, smaller object was also spotted.

PA, July 14, 2009 - UFO spotted first by me , then hours later by my kids. MUFON Case # 18631.

A Pennsylvania woman visiting her mother in Everson was out for a walk when she noticed a "triangular object that was not twinkling like a star would." She said that she watched the object for 20 minutes and that it did not move nor twinkle like a star. She went back inside, but decided not to tell her two teenage children. A couple of hours later, the teenagers came down stairs and reported they were waching a UFO from an upstairs window. The group went outside to see the object again.

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